France shows the Gulf in its category

France shows the Gulf in its category

Ireland 15 France56

A French team full of strength, skill and speed under the Donbrook sun brings Ireland to reality with love at first sight.

It was encouraging that International Rugby Federation Performance Director David Nucifora and Women’s Rugby Director Anthony Eddie stood firm behind the Begtive Rangers venues. With Ireland trailing 38-8 in the first half, the Australian double rule is a testament to the racial divide between amateur and professional nations.

Budget, Budget, Budget The immediate response to the growing motivation for the unveiled strategic plan – a roadmap for Irish players to plan their real careers – confirms this result of concerns about widening the gap between real elite countries and others.

France escaped with five attempts in the first half, a total of eight, and finally their hopes of winning the Six Nations Women’s Championship fell on their faces.

The disabled team in Ireland lost all chance of staying with these French giants.

As soon as Hannah Tyrell was out, Emeline Gross threw the ball and the scrum test began. The Irish moved twice before referee Sarah Cox awarded a penalty.

I was lucky to say the least.

Morgan Peronet engages with Hannah Terrell. Photo: Brian Kane / Info

As Claudine Moloney moved forward with Nicola Friedi’s toes outstretched, it became clear that they were in the afternoon against the physically best athletes.

France, led by Caroline Drew, set the grass on fire on every occasion.

Dorothy Wall corrected her ball-breaking duties, but the blind side of Tipperary was matched by the elite Gross and Marjorie Mayans in most trades, while Maduso Fall and Safi ND made a breakthrough, revealing the parameters of the gap between the two parties.

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The first attempt was through a dominant pass, electro allowing Emily Pollard to enter the goal line, before a superb pass from Caroline Bogard was drawn by fellow defender Emer Considine.

The second landing showed how dangerous France was in transition. An attempt to unload the load before a great kick on the right tram was taken over by Lore Sanzos, who overtook Pollard Yves Higgins – who won the Irish center player, not the ball – as the kick allowed the 60 yard swing to end. Area.

This is the third penalty attempt since losing to the French Irish group. Ayoff McDermott had 10 minutes in the sin box for twisting the knife and destroying the juggernaut.

Ireland, at their discretion, showed some street attitude with Moloney’s fast and low streak, which gave the beach a chance to try the shot in one of two similar attempts.

France responded with a scene familiar to the Irish defense for ages: the Net Node screaming in small bodies.

Despite the presence of Hannah O’Connor, Roman Minegar made an effort. Photo: Ryan Byron / Info

When budding Irish rugby player Bibin Parsons finally got the chance to run, his opponent, Cyriel Bonnet, snatched the ball before it could run fast.

Considine constantly tried to escape from the depths and create something, but France’s brutal defense and unwavering security dampened the energy of Ireland’s leading women.

The defeat was inevitable when Bogard made his second attempt five minutes into the first half.

Griggs responded to a dirty supply chain by replacing Tyrell and Catherine Dane, while the Sevens trio of Emily Lane, Stacey Flood and Amy-Lee Murphy Crowe entered the fray.

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Lin improved the tempo by half in the scrum, and although the flood increased it didn’t really make any difference. The Roman manager then pushed Considine backwards and ran over the tri-line to complete the stunning void.

Things ended when France’s second Senate penalty kick crossed the halfway mark after Murphy Cruve was shown a yellow card for a key intervention in the debut.

As a result of condolences from Ireland, Bonnett made eight attempts before converting to Emma Hoben, and this will not do much to boost confidence ahead of next week’s match against Scotland or Italy.

Recording Range – 5 min: H Tyrell Pen, 0-3; 13 min: C Bozard tries 5-3; C Droin Cone, 7-3; Bullard attempt, 12-3; C Droin Cone, 14-3; Pen attempt, 21-3; 25 min: c. Moloney attempt, 21-8; 29 min: C-Draw Pen, 24-8; 34 mins: SNDA try, 29-8; C Droin Cone, 31-8; 38 min: C Bozard’s attempt, 36-8; C Draw Pen, 38-8. Half the time. 45 min: C Bonnet Test, 43-8; 55 min: R Manager experience, 48-8; 65 min: C Draw Pen, 51-8; J. Panet Bid, 56-8; 74 min: The E Huben Experience, 56-13; S. Flood Cone, 56-15.

Ireland: Emery Concidin, Lauren Delaney, Yves Higgins, Kaini Nobo, Pepin Parsons; Hannah Terrell, Catherine Dane; Lindsay Pitt, Cleodna Moloney, Linda Jugang; Yuv McDermott, Nicola Vendredy; Dorothy Wall, Claire Molloy, Ciara Griffin (Captain).

Alternatives: McDermott’s Brittany Hogan, Delaney’s Amy-Lee Murphy Crowe (both 48 minutes), Molloy’s Hannah O’Connor, Diane’s Emily Lane, Tyrell’s Stacey Flood (every 53 minutes), Pete’s Emma Hoban, Katie O’Dwyer Moloni and Juja 59; ).

France: Emily Pollard, Cyril Bonnet, Carla Nissen, Jade Allotul, Carolyn Bogard; Carolyn Drawin, Lore Sanzos; Anil Deshe, Agath Scott, Rose Bernardo; Maduso Fall, Net Ndie; Marjorie Maynes, Gail Hermit (captain), Emilyn Gross.

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Alternatives: Clara Joyce for Bernardo, Roman Minor for Gross (both 48 minutes), Pauline Borden for San Jose, Compa Diallo for Hermit (both 56 minutes), Desaik Melistro, Gabriel Vernier (66 for both) and Borgardone Morte (66 for Niger). Minutes).

To rule: Sarah Cox (RFU).

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