France registers 180,000 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours, setting a record since the beginning of the Pandemic | The world

France registers 180,000 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours, setting a record since the beginning of the Pandemic |  The world

Three days after crossing the barrier 100,000 infections per day, France smashed again Record This Tuesday (28) 179,807 new Kovid cases were registered. These are the highest number of new cases registered daily since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

Is a reflection of the high transmission of data Omicron variant Across the French territory. “Everything indicates that by early January it could reach more than 250,000 cases per day,” Health Minister Olivier Veran predicted at a news conference last Monday (27) when the country announced new sanitation measures.

Since Monday, remote work has become the law of all companies that can accept it. The mask is mandatory on busy streets and closed spaces.

Bars and cafes that already require a health passport at the entrance will not be able to stand up and serve customers, thus reducing congestion inside. The number of people at public events was limited: 5,000 people outdoors or 2,000 people indoors, affecting sports and shows.

With the increase in cases, specialists have criticized the French government’s decision not to accept the curfew, which, as some neighboring countries have done, disrupts the New Year or delays returning to school.

According to Santa Public France, the number of Kovid-19 patients admitted to the hospital is increasing: there are currently 17,405 Kovid patients in the hospital, of whom 3,416 are in the ICU.

Most hospitals do not vaccinate. According to French authorities, there are 176 patients in the ICU who have not been vaccinated per million inhabitants. The rate is 6.68 per million for those taking the anti-covid vaccine and its booster.

New Year’s Eve

To limit the “impact on society of pollution and contact cases that could lead to the breakdown of public-private services”, the government should “adjust” the rules for isolation by the end of this week. People checked for positivity and their contact cases.

Home Minister Gerald Dormann has called on mayors to “stop public meetings” and make it mandatory to wear a mask in the city center, especially on New Year’s. Alcohol consumption on the streets is prohibited on this date.

Emmanuel Macron’s government on December 31 did not impose a limit on the number of people in the party, but in a television message urging the population to reduce contacts and, as a measure, to exercise restraint.

The next step is to get a vaccination passport in the country, which is scheduled for mid-January. With this, only those who have been vaccinated will have access to bars, restaurants, museums and public places. The goal is to reach the approximately 5 million French people who are still reluctant to be vaccinated.

* With information from AFP

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