France overthrown, Welsh on top, Ireland back … What to remember from day four

France overthrown, Welsh on top, Ireland back ... What to remember from day four

Weekend Weekend Performance: Ireland overtake Scotland

All eyes were on the Scots, who could still win the 2021 Six Nations Tournament. But at Murrayfield, it was a green wave of Scottish expectations, a wave surfaced by Jonathan Sexton, and lasting. After a great start to the match, the Irish took the lead at the break, with their captain’s magic leg (10-14). At the start of the second period they achieved their ease, thanks to the effort of Thaddeus Byrne and both hands from Sexton (10-24).

In practice, the Irish then suffered Scottish wrath. But when XV du Chardon returned to the game at the end of the match (24-24, 73rd), it was still “Johnny” Sexton who wore the savior’s green, green, savior’s cap from the final and decisive penalty. (24-27). After two early defeats against the Welsh team and then the Blues, Ireland had two consecutive wins before being accepted by England. With one more game than the French, the Irish are second after this fourth day.

Weekend Player: Ken Owens

Hooker’s position in modern rugby is often not put forward. But this weekend, in the midst of the tournament’s notable performances, we wanted to highlight Ken Owens ’performance. At age 34, the Welsh Hooker took advantage of his family’s walk in the Stadio Olympico de Roma to register two attempts, with only three of the 80 selections. It’s in ten minutes. Owens took advantage of his team’s strength in penalty kicks to take effect on the right side of the goal line. In the second, after landing, he jumped like a carp. In addition to this double, Owens has effectively fulfilled his key missions in contact and defense with nine successful tackles in 11 overs. Men in the shadows sometimes deserve light.

Weekend Weekend Check: Forged Monty Eon

We could talk for three minutes about the controversial attempt by Maro Itoje, who led the English to victory against France. Controversial article validates video arbitration without seeing images clearly. But for controversy, we may like Panache, the talent. A light becomes more beautiful when it occurs in distress, shattered by enemies, and in a complete way. We are clearly talking about Italy, with Wales sweeping its lawn (7-48) and thanking Monte Ion. The player from Treviso, who found the end of the line in one of the rare Italian sequences, went for a self-experiment with a small inspired kick before defending the corner tackle. Simple and efficient.

The weekend disappointment:

Under many headlines, the scene began to write: At the end of the tournament the disputed France-Scotland would change and the Blues would win the final against Wales. Yes, for the first time since 1999, Scotland had a real chance to win the final of the 2021 Six Nations Tournament. Logically, after the historic victory of the Sixteenth at Thistle in Twickenham. Except: Pathatra. The Scots, who had already beaten the Welsh turf, fell again at Murrayfield, saying goodbye to the title hopes.

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Weekend weekend situation: England overtake France

By overthrowing the Blues, the English did more than gain a crunch: they knocked the Blues out of third place in the world rankings, behind South Africa and New Zealand. From this Monday, Road XV is effectively reclaiming the land that the English lost after their defeat to Cardiff Wales. So the Blues have only spent two weeks in this rank, as highlighted by French officials while preparing for the match. However, they are ahead of Wales, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Argentina and Japan.

The Weekend Announcement: The Blues are looking forward

Fabian Galtic, who lost the final whistle, like his men, marked the Blues’ brutal defeat at Twickenham. But if the Blues lose a fight, a final victory is still possible. After the match, the coach wanted to remind:That’s what I said in the locker room, we need to remember the positive, digest it together and move to Wales now. [samedi prochain]. The race begins now, first by living together in despair and moving on to the meeting that awaits us on Saturday. “.

The good news for the Goths is that the message has already been passed on to his captain, Charles Olivone:We are in the continuation of our progress and we are in the game to win the tournament. We played our three away games and we have two home games left. We have 10 points and we need to get as many points as we can to win. Our fate is in our hands, we did not have to beat Ireland in the final last year, I do not know how many points [31]. We need to maintain confidence as we were told in the locker room. Rely on us not to move forward. The goal is to win the last two matches, it’s simple. “. And so the tournament. Tone set.

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