France looks at El Dorado from its shores

France looks at El Dorado from its shores

Inquiry – It is better to explore the oceans one day to exploit their wealth. The head of state has set this goal as part of his France 2030 investment plan. The accumulation of strategic metals in deep water promises to be complex.

Are there treasures waiting for us under the sea? Emmanuel Macron was convinced of this. He sought “Deep sea, unusual lever for understanding organisms, access to certain rare metals, upgrade», One of the ten goals of the France 2030 plan unveiled on October 12th.

France is the world’s second largest maritime power and one of the 22 countries with an international maritime exploration agreement. This universe increases hunger. Some depths, often 3 to 6 km above sea level, are filled with polymetallic nodules, the size of a fist, or a cannonball placed on the beach. These nodules are abundant in the Pacific in the vast Clarion-Clipperton zone, which spans more than 4.5 million km.2 Between Hawaii and Mexico, it is rich in cobalt, copper, manganese and nickel.

Hydrothermal vents or cobalt-containing crusts are also found in the deep sea.

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