France, Hurricane Seymour storms the presidential election and seduces Jean-Marie Le

France, Hurricane Seymour storms the presidential election and seduces Jean-Marie Le
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The anti-Islamic columnist is voting ahead of next spring’s election and opposes Penn’s Assembly National in Marine. His father, a former right-wing leader, is also ready to support him. Elysee is also concerned

From our correspondent
Penn’s revenge on Paris-Jean-Marie seems to have reached 93 Eric Semmore, Columnist and author pointing to Elysee Walking through the abandoned paths of the Pen in Marine with great conviction. For more than 10 years the MLP has been committed to bringing the Front National back to normal: The It was renamed the National Ecumenical Assembly, Removed him from the nostalgic past of Vichy and French Algeria, severed ties with the founding father, Jean-Marie, and treated his parents as shameful elders and sought respect. The result: Penn in Marine will never succeed, says Semmor. If Eric Zemmer is in a better position than Marine I am ready to support him, the old Jean-Marie is very much satisfied now.

Unlike Penn in Marine, Eric Seymour cares about a special honor, As he repeated yesterday at the end of his speech in Lille. In fact, he sees it as a weakness of politically correct slaves, a group that now includes any thought other than his own. Total confidence quoted by Semour from history lovers to suggestions such as liability To call Jacques, not Muhammad, who was born in France These days he is guaranteed unprecedented popularity and media interest. More like candidate Macron in 2016-2017, but on the right.

Sixty-three years old, he married lawyer Milne Chichportich (but Paris match Hug his 28-year-old campaign manager Sarah Knafo and put him on the cover), three children. He was convicted in 2011 of inciting racial discrimination – He said that employers have the right to reject black or Arab candidates, and that the majority of traffickers are blacks or Arabs. He was charged with sexual assault and misconduct – Power attracts women, lies in their ancient brains, I have never seen a woman as intelligent as me -, De Gaulle is not only France’s defender, but also Vichy’s defender In his opinion, the French protected the Jews by handing over the Jews in France to the Nazis (completely false news in the opinion of the historian Laurent Jolie), the star of the moment in France was Eric Zemmor. With the exception of President Macron, other politicians at this stage seem almost invisible, and they don’t count. Or how they react to the semper is just as important.

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He is still not officially a candidate for the presidency Next spring, the latest Ipsos / Le Parisien survey gives a staggering Marine Le Pen (16%), almost equal merit (15%), already In front of all the candidates of decent rightsIn fact (Xavier Bertrand, Valry Press, Michael Barnier). Only President Macron, with a 25% lead, seems calm. But Zemmer’s progress is so impressive that it is now causing some concern even in Eliza. “It’s not enough to refer to Taliban as a statesman,” Health Minister Olivier Vran said yesterday.

Zemmer’s latest book was on the charts before its release, and the presentation tour uses the title “France does not say the last word” instead of bookstores. Seymour fills the halls with thousands of seatsYou can see around it somewhat disturbing posters with a big Z posted by a support committee calling it France’s only salvation. Seymour, strong in unstable convictions, always seems to be in control of the situation. Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you. according to The world
Today he sends semmer thoughts of praise and friendship. Semor bubble can swellOf course, as happened in the distant past with Edward Balladour or Jean-Pierre Shawment. Or grow back, As happened in America with Trump. Jean-Marie Le Pen, Interview The world, He seems to be as confident and cheerful as in the old days: the only difference between Erix and me is that he is Jewish. It is difficult to call him a Nazi or a fascist. This gives him more freedom.

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