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France, Germany demand ‘restraint’ amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine | The world

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Germany e France, Mediators in tensions between Russia e Ukraine“As the number of ceasefire violations increases” calls for “moderation” and “immediate increase” between the two countries on Saturday (3).

The joint statement reaffirms “support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”. Diplomats from both countries said they were concerned about the growing ceasefire violations.“The situation in eastern Ukraine has stabilized since July 2020”, He demanded “restraint on the parties and immediate increase”..

Berlin and Paris called on the parties to “exercise restraint and move immediately to intensify the situation,” following the situation “very carefully, especially with the moves of the Russian army”.

Ukrainian and US officials have expressed concern over the deployment of thousands of troops and supplies on the border between Russia and Ukraine.

President of the United States, Joe BidenKiev was offered “unbreakable” support in the face of “Russian aggression” considered a military partner of the separatists, which Moscow denied.

The Russian military on Friday announced a series of military strikes aimed at mitigating resistance to drone strikes near Ukraine.

Since the war in the second half of 2020, there have been several armed clashes in the fighting in eastern Ukraine that have killed 20 Ukrainian soldiers since January. Both sides blame each other for being harsh.

Russia conquers Crimea in 2014, provoking criticism from the international community – Photo: AFP

Despite the peace agreements in 2015 and several meetings between Russian and Ukrainian leaders in Minsk, sponsored by Germany and France, the conflict remains stagnant.

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