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France, Deschamps: “Hungary tough team, coach Italian …”. Orban does not want to bring his players to their knees

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Puskas Arena is a new and all-seeing stadium: the weak thanks to the popular uprising Hungary It lasted 84 minutes Portugal, Before the dam was diverted due to the most unfortunate goals. Saturday France A similar hostile atmosphere will be found, because in Budapest alone there is no limit to the capacity: there were 55,662 spectators against Portugal, and many dream of a Hungarian miracle against France, which is thought to be an early qualifying turnover. “We are definitely a favorite, but the Hungarians are a team that runs, fights and struggles,” he said. Deschamps, Before hinting at a verbal smile: “I think this is a very well organized team and it has to do with the fact that the coach is Italian.”

Rosie Underdog: “Let’s play for the country”

Marco Rosie Belt da Drunto in Turin was definitely a turning point for Hungarian football. But without the chemistry, he says: “I update myself on all the new trends, but football remains a simple matter: you have to try to score when you have your ball, and try to take it to others”. The system has been in place with Portugal for a long time: “We will reaffirm the same attitude. We can not accommodate a team stronger than us. If their squad is worth 900 million and our 60s, be a factor.” But Rosie’s Hungary was often able to hide these naked differences. “We are playing to defend our homeland. It is not easy to absorb the psychological impact of what happened to us with Portugal, but we need to leave that disappointment behind. I do not even want to hear about the fatigue: four days before the tournament started, no one has the right to feel exhausted.”

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“Was Ronaldo insulted? His joy provoked reactions.”

Portugal complains of harsh treatment of Hungarian fans Ronaldo He is called a homosexual. Rosie replied: “I do not think so, this is new to me, but it is true that the manner in which he enjoyed his goal may have provoked some reactions.”

Orban does not want kneeling Hungary

The president is also expected at the stadium Orban, Which often used football as a propaganda vehicle. In the last friendship before the European Championship, Orban whistled at the kneeling Irish players against Ireland and published racism: “Hungarians kneel before God”. The problem is slippery in Hungary. “We have never disrespected anyone in this stadium, not the facts, not the gestures,” Rosie said sensibly. Deschamps backed him: “This is a football match, not a political fact.”

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