France defeats Donny Brook and flies to final – OA Sport

France defeats Donny Brook and flies to final - OA Sport

A clear victory for Transalpine in the third round match of the Guinness Six Nations 2021 against Ireland, winning first place in Group B and the final next Saturday, When Le Blues face England. However, for Ireland, the final match between Italy and Scotland for third place will take place.

22 Ireland are off to a good start, taking advantage of an error in the kick-off reception to take their place on the Transalpine. But a bad touch prevents the hosts from being harmed. However, the Irish insist that they be punished Hannah Tyrell 3-0 on the pitch five minutes later. The transal pine ball in hand is very wrong, but the Irish are no less and fail to pull out the first part of the match. However, in the 14th minute Jwala, France going into the goal. Small scratch within Irish half, The ball bounces right and left to Caroline Bojard, who can score 3-7.. However, despite the French defense always being cautious, Ireland are playing the game. So, here the 19 ‘hosts will lose the ball in the attack, Emily Bollard smashes the Oval on the rise and a deadly counterattack leads France 3-14.

Unlocked visitor team, The technical goal for the 22nd from the mall and the blues to run 3-21, the Irish to Iof McDermott was temporarily reduced to 14 due to a yellow card. For the crime in Mal. But despite the numerical inferiority In the 27th minute, Ireland joined Mal ul and Cleodna Moloni broke the deadlock.. Within half an hour, a mistake by the hosts and Caroline Drew reached 8-24. An Irish Ball-in-Hand Foul within 22 gives a touch to transal pines Safi ND ends a long host run for the fourth goal at 34, which is worth the bonus and 8-31. This does not slow France down The fifth goal comes on the 39th, this time signed by the Serial Bonnet and the rest of the teams in rounds 8-38..

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France can now handle a clear advantage, having included England in their view of next week’s final after the first half. Despite all this, it was the Transalpines who won the touchdown in the first 5 meters of the attack. Caroline Bozard scored again in the 47th minute, High tackle and a score of 8-43. Beautiful operation of 56 ‘ The Oval takes you to the Roman manager, who accelerates and goes further with the transal pine rising to 8-48.. We are now in full waste time, but there is still time Yellow card to Amy-Lee Murphy Crowe For a higher tackle, use the following French placement Meta de Serial Bonnet, One Emma Hoban For 15-56 Final.

Photo: Damien Kilani / DK Prod / DPPI / LPS

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