France continues to insult the UK

France continues to insult the UK

Notice of extreme cold between France and the United Kingdom. If the anger of the French has subsided after President Emmanuel Macron’s phone call with US President Joe Biden on Wednesday, September 22nd, London remains at its highest point, more than a week after the firm announcement of the UK alliance. Paris at first considered the participation to be the most despicable “Opportunist” To the project of bringing nuclear-powered American submarines to Australia from London, which is harmful to the agreement signed with France in 2016.

Great Britain “Fifth wheel of a car” In this case, even the head of French diplomacy, Jean-Yves Le Drian, left. Catherine Cologne, the ambassador to London, was not recalled last Friday, unlike her rivals in Washington and Canberra: a way that the UK has not been taken seriously or even ignored by French leaders. The latter did not appreciate Boris Johnson’s latest comments “To his best friends” French, On his trip to the United States, “To make a break” In their counterattack.

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British Conservative media, The Daily Telegraph With that in mind, those who struggle to take its causes seriously “Anger” About the Oras in the French Lace, the French made their honey from his honey (“Take a grip on this and give me a break”, in other words : “Calm down, let me go”). Not a bit worried about easing the conflict with Paris, Boris Johnson added provocation, said himself “Shocked” French Anger and Reminders of Ambassadors.

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Unlike the explanatory attempts made with Washington, on the part of Paris, there is no question of the same approach with the United Kingdom, and its participation is seen as the success of its “Global Britain” project. When Jean-Yves Le Drian met his American rival Anthony Blink in New York on Thursday, September 23, in the wake of the Macron-Biden phone call, he did not want to see his new British colleague face to face. It was requested during the UN General Assembly. They shook hands on Wednesday during a meeting of member states of the Security Council. Without a photographer.

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“Terms not met”

“The conditions are not right to start a peaceful conversation with the British.”, Said a diplomatic source who was outraged by the London game. Trying to get out of the crisis from above by resuming negotiations on a defense and security agreement between the European Union and London, so far the Johnson government has rejected the talks? “This is not really the spirit of the moment”, Underlines a French source.

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