France are strong in the six-man playoffs

France are strong in the six-man playoffs

Another weekend in the six winning nations of France, England and Ireland, Game Mail With two rounds left, Chris Foy gives his thoughts on the current state of the championship.

Sam Sense in closed shop

Sam Warburton was delighted to see the closed shop design of the Sixth Nations come to an end.

Rejecting the possibility of South Africa competing, the BBC’s Pandit Warburton said: “We need to improve Europe – and promotion will go out.” Must be a playoff. The canopy should be removed.

He was right, especially at a time when Spain and Portugal were developing.

Italy’s biggest loss on Sunday was the play – off time for entry into six countries

Great introduction to Little Lori

Michael Lori hit back at the youngsters with his talented debut in Ireland. Ulster Fullback deserves the opportunity to excel every season. He undertook it with two attempts and one selfless help.

Lori’s personal happiness as a Test player and the great joy of seeing his teammates oppress him when he scored against Italy. Hope to win a lot more matches.

Fabian’s power in depth

Antoine DuPont and other box office superstars in France are very popular, but the sign of their progress is the influence of Fabian Galti’s lesser known actors.

Born in South Africa, Lock Paul Willems is no longer a big member of the team, and he excelled against both Scotland – both in attack and defense. Professor Cyril Bailey was magnificent.

Presented by French fans

Halfway to Murrayfield, the Gaelic team in the crowd was amazed to support their Grand Slam team. There were many of them, and they were very excited.

The French do not always travel on a large scale, but they are once again lining up to continue their excellent team. Their flags and music are very exciting.

Right Col Fava Red

Italy had every right to regret the strange result of facing just 13 runs against Ireland, but they could not complain about Hemfey’s red card.

Don was in contact with Sheehan’s chief. Fiva had to go. When does the news of the need to make a few deals reach the players?

Ham Five’s red card against Ireland was the right decision of the referee

Aviva is not big enough

Ireland needs a bigger house. The Aviva Stadium can only hold 51,000 people. It is modern and sleek, but that modest capacity is not suited for the purpose, and there is a small booth at one end to please the natives. Across Dublin, Croke Park has a capacity of 82,000 – the Irish Union must find ways to build a stadium of this size. Vital income is lost.

Weekend Group

Michael Lowry (Ireland); Damian Benot (France), Galfico (France), Jonathan Dandy (France), Alex Cuthbert (Wales); Marcus Smith (England), Antoine DuPont (France); Cyril Bale (France), Julian Mercant (France), Kyle Singler (England); Tadhg Beirne (Ireland), Paul Willemsey (France); Peter O’Mahoney (Ireland), Dowl Faletta (Wales), Josh van der Flyer (Ireland).

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