Fox winner Limerick breaks hearts after Sweeney saves clever tip

Munster SFC Semi Final: Tipperary 1-15 Limerick 2-11

In the 89th minute, a Brian Fox point took Tipperary to the Munster SFC final.

At the end of more than 90 minutes of football, the substitute’s point proved decisive, and when Fox scored a mark in the play following the victory, Limerick’s substitute Seamus O’Carol was unable to bring the Munster semi – final to a penalty. O’Carroll’s kick traveled to the right and width of the tip posts, a heartbeat for a Limerick team following the county’s first Munster final match in 10 years.

At the end of the first period of extra time the visitors were led to a minimum of 1-13 to 2-9, but the lead changed hands following back-to-back points from Limerick’s Sean McSweeney and Donald O’Sullivan (born free). ).

Robbie Kaylee drew level for the seventh time. Expert Fox popped up with the winner to send Tipperary to their first Munster final in five years.

After trailing 2-6 to 0-5 at half-time, Tipperary returned to contention in the third quarter. Two points ahead of David Power – 1-11 to 2-6 – when referee Maurice Degan rallied for a water break in the second half.

Three of the six white flags were dead-ball attempts converted by Jack Kennedy and Connor Sweeney, and the second, along with Sabliam Bolland and center-back Kevin Fahe, reduced the deficit to 51 minutes with points from the game.

Tip goal had a stroke of luck, a point attempt by Robbie Keeley before posting midfielder Liam Casey over the breaking ball line.

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There is only one breadth in this period, and Tipperary was a picture of efficiency going forward.

Against the backdrop of Tipperary’s growing dominance, Limerick’s scoring possibilities were largely non-existent. This came as a huge relief to contract management when Darag Tracy scored the first point of the second half in the 58th minute.

A Hugh Borks freely balanced things. Despite Zion Sheehan’s kick in the 70th minute, Connor Sweeney showed remarkable nerve and skill. Half a minute during injury time this component sends overtime.

The slow and surprising first half saved two Limerick goals in the 26th and 32nd minutes, respectively.

For the first goal of this semi-final match, Limerick drew 0-4 each time, with a green flag rooted in two Limerick shirts, and Tipperary defender Alan Campbell was sent off from the side of the stand.

Sean McSweeney found his way into the resulting sideline kick, and following a superb transfer between him and midfielder Tommy Children’s, McSoulini dribbled a low shot past Tip’s keeper Evan Comerford.

Their second goal was even more impressive, as he put the ball inside the delicious pass cover from Tony McCarthy to Cilian Fahi in the back and forced the ball to rifle past Commerford.

Fahi’s green light gave Limerick seven points, and Tommy Griffin’s point – after giving another great pass to one of his teammates in front of them from a Limerick defender – made a sandwich with two goals.

In the first half of Tipperary, pedestrian Jason Lonergan cut Limerick fullback Brian Fanning and Killian Ryan split the posts at the other end.

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Initially there was nothing between the teams, and the scoreline reads 0-4 to 0-3 in favor of Limerick in the first water break.

Tipperary’s first point came shortly after the resumption of play, with Michael Quinnliven’s effort being overtaken by Limerick keeper Donald O’Sullivan. They will add another score in the remaining 19 minutes of the first half.

There are still a lot of roads to travel in this game, and Tipperary is still alive in the championship, starting two hours and 15 minutes after Maurice Deacon threw the ball.

Scorers for Tipperary: C Sweeney (0-7, 0-5 free); L Casey (1-0); J Kennedy (0-2 Free), El Bolland (0-2); K Fahi, M Quinlivan, R Kaylee, B Fox (0-1 each).

Scorers for Limerick: S. McSweeney (1-2); C Fahi (1-1); H Bork (0-2, 0-2 Free), D O Sullivan (0-2, 0-1, Janya, 0-1 ’45); D Tracy, K Ryan, T Griffin, C Sheehan (0-1 each).

Tipperary: E Commerford; A. Campbell, J. Feihan, C. O. Shughnessy; B Maher, K Fahi, R Kayley; Connell Kennedy, L. Casey; J. Kennedy, Coleman Kennedy, E. Moloney; J. Lonergan, C. Sweeney, M. Quinliven.

Subs: B Fox for Lonergen, Coleman Kennedy L Bolland (both HD); R Quigley (59) for J Kennedy; KO Haloran for Moloney (66); T Fitzgerald for Oshogness (70); Coleman Kennedy for Quigley (77); P Fehan for Fahey (82).

Limerick: D O Sullivan; S Odia, B Fanning, P Maher; T McCarthy, K Ryan, G Brown; D Tracy, T Children; C. Fahi, I. Corbett, A. Enright; S. McSweeney, T. Griffin, H. Bork.

Subs: PD Brun for Enlightenment (HD); De Neville for McSweeney, Griffin C. Sheehan (51); R Children for Brown (56); SO Carroll on K Ryan (66); M Donovan (78) for McCarthy; De Lyons (80 + 2) for Fahi; S. McSweeney for Maher (ET HT).

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Referee: M. Deegan (Laois).

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