Four years after their last album, U2 is planning a new record and a tour

Le groupe irlandais envisage de repartir en tournée pour le trentième anniversaire de Zoo TV,

The Irish group plans to return to concerts to mark its thirtieth anniversary Zoo TV, Their big world tour with an unforgettable stage set.

U2 tests the water. After the unveiling in early November Your song saved my life , The title is included in the animated film soundtrack Everything in Scene 2 , The Edge Watermarked until Rolling stone The Irish group is considering a new album today. “We’re working on a bunch of new things”, Reveals singer and guitarist. The project is not very concrete, but the excitement to follow Experience songs, Here is U2’s last studio album released in 2017. “Writing is so much fun for me, I don’t have to think about what it will be like. Instead, enjoy the experience of writing and having no expectations or limitations ”, Musician David Howell tells Evans his real name. On the part of the manufacturers, at this point, all possibilities can be imagined. Why, new collaborations like The Edge could be experienced with Dutch DJ Martin Garrix at the UEFA Euro 2020 anthem. We are people. “I really enjoyed working with Martin Garrix and I look forward to working with him in the future.” He explains. But we have not made any firm decisions on what will be the next thing in terms of employees. I do not know. ”

A tour modeled on the zoo TV in the discussion

In December 2019, the group concluded its thirtieth annual tour Joshua Tree, Their fifth studio album. This year is its turn Zoo TV Tour Great opportunity to blow its thirty candles and return to the stage. “I like it, I can not deny it, témoigne The Edge. I think Zoo TV is such a current concept. During that time, we faced a 24/7 information overload that did not exist before. […] I think so Zoo TV Absolutely can come back and be relevant as well. But we have not yet entered the negotiation stage. ”

Between February 1992 and December 1993, the tour took U2 around the world for 157 concerts. The songs sung are taken from albums Be careful baby And Zuropa, Published in 1991 and 1993, respectively. Zoo TV Tour For the time being, it is a precursor. Dozens of gigantic televisions overlap and loop through the films of the time, from the most trivial to the most remarkable. Increases the spread of human, political, environmental and group commitment messages. At a concert in Wembley on August 11, 1993, U2 was broadcast live via satellite from Sarajevo’s siege. And testimonials from people on the site. Sign once again that the group always wants to be a presenter in the news. If the media boom continues in 2020 as it did in 1990, we can assume that the U2 sphere of influence will not ignore Kovid.

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