Four travel routes from resuming CAB training

Les quatre choses à retenir de la reprise de l

Exactly four weeks after the holiday season, it’s too late to wear your crumbs. Forget about the ball. At least this week. We collect what you need to know about the first week of preparation for the 2021-2022 season.

1. What is a program?

Led by Dominic Shenz, the new head of preparation, Work Week promises to be the hardest to say the least. And physical above all.

This Monday morning, in small groups, the players connected violent attempts before going through the bodybuilding box. “Physical preparation does not require skills, you just have to go there,” said the former physical trainer from Montpellier several times.

2. Who attended?

This Monday morning, 49 players responded to a call made by Jeremy Davidson. Fifteen players from the club, including third-tier Arthur Bruges, ninth-ranked Maximilian Bost, center Tom Danovaro or former Bordeaux player Sasha Gu, appeared third on the cane.

Of the four recruits formally formalized this summer for the professional team, three were part of the season resumption. Second-row Andres Safra, scrum box Paul Abadi and Enzo Sanga were able to see their new teammates.

Where are the long-term injured?

The victim of a rupture of the cruciate ligament last February, in the Stade Franchise, Otter Jorge, is still in the recovery phase. The Georgian did not attend the big physics session on Monday.

Valentine Tirefort (cruciate ligament), Victor Lebas (shoulder), Esteban Abadi (a vertebral fracture), and Enzo Herve (knee) are also close to returning to the hospital or with the opener. For Thomas Lorenzier, who underwent hip surgery during his vacation, he must have missed a good chunk of preparation.

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In a good news department, note the return of Stuart Olding. Hit on the knee, in February and Bayonne, the Irishman is 100% again. Pierre Tournbais, a victim of a cruciate ligament rupture, is also fully functional.

What about international competitions?

The so-called Fijian and Georgian internationals did not show up as expected in the selections to play the Summer Test matches.

Rookie Tevita Ratua, Beniami Naricia, Kishan Kamikamika, Setariki Tuiku, Luka Japaridze, Vasil Lobshanidze and Tedo Absandrodase will join the choir in a few weeks.

Benjamin Pommeier
Photos: Stephanie Para

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