Four Things to Know About AJM Clermont’s New Recruitment JJ ​​Hanrahan

Quatre choses à savoir sur JJ Hanrahan, nouvelle recrue de l

1. Selected as Pro 14 Gold Kicker last season

ASM recruited him for his opener and JJ Hanrahan recently proved that he is the best at it. Munster’s future No. 10 was selected as the Gold Kicker in last season’s Pro 14 (Championship uniting Welsh, Irish, Italian, Scottish and South African provinces) thanks to a 90.91% success rate. The individual award he has already won with a success rate of 88.71% in 2013-2014.

The arrival of JJ Hanrahan makes ASM igs formal

From the very beginning of his career, the Irishman himself was different during the individual awards. In 2012, the 20-year-old was named IRB Player of the Year. The Irishman did not win the title in the end, while South African John Serfontaine won the prize. Hanrahan weighed in on the clubs’ 16th game during the Junior World Cup, beating Ireland in the group stage (23-19) in a future match against South Africa.

2. He never had a choice with Ireland

If JJ Hanrahan has 15 matches on the Irish junior national team, the future SM opener will not know a choice in Clover’s XV as an adult. Or in the elite section of the national team. Of the greats, the emerging Irish team had only four caps for the opener, and this selection is considered the third men’s national team. JJ Hanrahan played in the Nations Cup in 2013-2014 and the Tbilisi Cup the following season.

3. He can play in positions other than the opening half

JJ Hanrahan will arrive at ASM this summer as an opener to strengthen the position of Camille Lopez. For two seasons he has been an almost negligible owner at number ten. But the role of the Irishman is not limited to the opening. JJ Hanrahan has already played at fullback and center. This season, he played as a left-handed center against the Scarlett, in a Champions Cup game in December 2014 … losing to Clarmont.

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Frank Assam (ASM): “JJ Hanrahan? This is a big piece!”

4. He has already faced ASM

Before wearing the colors of the janards, J. J. Hanrahan harmed them. The opener has faced Clermont twice in his career: on December 14, 2014 in the Champions Trophy (losing to Monster 26-19) and most recently to the Champions Cup on December 19 (Monster winning 39-31). About 7 years ago JJ Hanrahan did not shine in the center post. Different from his performance three months ago. The Irishman scored 24 of the team’s 39 points in a win at +17. The ASM was already investigating JJ Hanrahan, and his performance in Michelin prompted the Clermont leaders to sign.

JJ Hanrahan’s Bio Express:
Born July 27, 1992 in Croydon (Ireland). Irish. 1.83 m for 93 kg. Opener, center or back.
Course: Trained at Munster, then Northampton Saints (2015-2017) and Munster (2017-2021).

Antoine Michelett

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