Four Mirage 2000-5F take off from Luxe to provide “sky policing” in Estonia

Lastly check to see if the three extra kerosene tanks are properly fitted and in the cockpit. Commander Mikal laps his Mirage 2000-5F before leaving for a “Sky Police” mission above. EstoniaA country that shares borders Russia. They are part of a four-man hunting squad called the “Zygognes” that departs Sunday morning from the air force base in Luxembourg-St-Souver (Hout-South) as part of a mission. Ottan “To participate in the surveillance and defense of the air borders of the Baltic countries,” the Army General Staff clarified on its Twitter account.

Aim: “Be the eye of NATO staff”, especially “provide live, strategies, and additional information on flights”, Commander Michael explains, shortly before boarding his device. Earlier, the four pilots carefully listened to the briefing to get their flight plan and the latest weather data. They will fly during their journey GermanyPoland and the Baltic Sea, landing in Estonia two and a half hours later.

All four Mirage are unarmed

After the briefing, all four pilots went to set up for their flight: they wore their waterproof suits, which were essential in the event of “being thrown out of the water”. On top of this, they wore anti-G suits and a combat vest to counteract the effects of acceleration on the body. They then go to the hangar where the planes are parked for the final inspection of their aircraft. Their “Sky Police” mission in the Baltic states will last four months. When they leave Luxeuil, the four Mirage 2000-5 aircraft are unarmed, but they can be armed in Estonia, where there are about a hundred French soldiers.

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Russian invasion of Ukraine Countries in Eastern Europe, from Poland to Romania, are deeply concerned. To comfort them, the United States sent thousands of extra troops there. France is deploying additional troops in Romania and helping to strengthen air border surveillance, especially in Poland. One week after the start of the occupation of Ukraine on February 24, vigilance is high as four Russian warplanes violate the airspace of Sweden, which is not a member of NATO.

After a trouble-free flight, staff said on Twitter that four French Mirage had landed in Estonia by noon and posted a video of their landing.

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