Four meetings with the authors in the cluster of the Spa Museum from 9 to 30 June 2022

Four meetings with the authors in the cluster of the Spa Museum from 9 to 30 June 2022

It will start on Thursday, June 9th 21 Book Review Books Curated by Director Giancarlo Marinelli at Meeting with Pacifico, Musician, Writer and Lyricist at Villa Villa in Draghi, Montegrotto Terme. Until the end of June, the review will offer weekly literary meetings, followed by an aperitif in the proposed Cloister of the Thermalism Museum at the foot of the Villa Draghi.

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Let’s start again

“After Pandemic’s stop – says Mayor Ricardo Mortandello, Culture Counselor and Pierre Luigi Spontane – we resume programming the books for taste review, combining the presentation of quality books and the possibility of having an aperitif with the author. The new location is the Cloister of the Spa Museum, a cozy and highly recommended place where citizens and tourists alike can find a beautiful atmosphere.

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Thursday, June 9th

At the first meeting, PacificGino de Crescenzo’s stage name will tell the delicate and intimate novel Me and my Barbarian family, The legend of a joint family. His parents, Pia and Guido, moved to Milan in search of work, holiday rituals, traffic jams, train journeys, weddings and funerals, quarrels and reconciliations, and annual departures with the loss of a father. , Leaves home where he lived for forty years and moves to Paris to call his single mother. In the novel the author focuses on small moments, particular moments, situations or gestures, between the breath of everyday legend, the legend of immigration, the joke and the emotion and his love for his strange family.

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Thursday, June 16th

Italian-Irish writer Anna Dalton On Thursday, June 16, he will be the leader of the second meeting dedicated to him Three daughtersA mature and powerful novel that follows successClever Apprentice, The girl with the words in her pocket E everything happens for a reason: The story of a special relationship that unites three sisters. The story of a mother who always imposes her own choices. A story that tells the shadows and unexpected light that lives on in every family.

Wednesday, June 22nd

Wednesday, June 22, again at 9 p.m., journalist Sandra BonsiClaudio Busio’s wife presents her first work in fiction Nine and a half daysA black comedy in which Elena, a journalist, tries to keep together not only pieces of her body, but also a family threatened by the rapidly changing work and time and the erosion of habit.

Thursday, June 30th

The show will conclude on Thursday, June 30th. Giancarlo Marinelli Con 11, A seductive, epic, moving novel. Konstantin Petrov is a young, volunteer, Estonian expatriate who decides to take refuge in New York, where he stays as a guest of an elderly blind man, “in his place” to “show him things” as long as the boy always carries him. Taking advantage of the night shift, he tells the camera from an unprecedented perspective that the heart of the world economy is on camera, focusing on the smallest and smallest objects of unarmed everyday life: from elevator buttons, papers to tables, from table chairs to restaurant tables, from baths to bathrooms to showers. , Touching and grazing each other, in the stories of famous or utterly unknown men and women.

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We return to a magical place

“It comes to mind – says Marinelli while presenting the review – a quote from the Amos Gita, ‘We always go back to places we’ve never been.’ There’s the same trembling coming back, and it feels like a fascinating place I’ll never been to. ”

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