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Four destinations for guests, one blue - OA Sport

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Slow game instead of 48 ‘The result is now safe.

45 ‘football is wrong Trulla, Italy is really in crisis.

44 Italy Three more changes to Italy.

43 Transfer Sexton: 34-10.

42 Ireland Ireland’s goal is reached immediately.

41 football Asuri was once again punished for an offside in football.

Teams returning to the field: Italy space for Bellini.

Now the break, the appointment when the game resumes.

40 ′ Garbici transition detected. 27-10 for Ireland at half time.

A masterpiece by Paulo Garbici who discovered an amazing offload for Johan Meyer who found the 40 ′ target.

40 Italian Italy’s goal finally arrives! After a very long attack, the blues fall to the ground.

40 ‘free kick, so try the blues scrum.

39 ‘Final Attack for Italy: Touch a few meters from the goal line. You need to earn points for pride.

38 ideasAsuri without ideas and without quality plays.

36 ′ Sexton not wrong: 27-3 for Ireland.

35 ′ Another Irish attack and another target: this time for Will Connors. Italy in crisis on defense.

Italy very badly, another kept on the ground, lost another ball.

32 Transform Sexton: 20-3 for run-scoring Ireland.

31 fact In fact, the Irish reach the second goal: the tricolor defense, the middle hole Hugo Keenan.

30 Ireland It hurts so badly when Ireland tries to invade.

29 ‘Italy, which is trying to attack but has not built meters, will get a blue and free kick on the ground.

Well done for the blues in retrieving the 27 ‘Oval.

26 Ireland play their best, push hard and treat Italy badly. Guests are coming out.

25 Ireland Early entry into Ireland, Italian football native football. Play continues for Sokram.

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24 Fran Franco Smith’s first band from a position very favorable to the band. You need to make the most of it.

23 പ്പെടുത്തുന്നു Irish touch interrupts, but there is a forward touch: melee with Italian introduction.

22 5 Two free kicks in the same action for the Blues who are now going to play touch at 5m. Best offensive venture for Italy: Now we need to find points.

20 Recovered a nice oval from the blues: football from the middle of the field, you can go to the offensive spot and play.

Italy, who fail to attack 19 attacks, the Blues are always in trouble.

17 ′ Sexton Don’t be wrong: 13-3.

15 ‘Another blue error. Free kick for Ireland with Sexton who can go for posts.

14 ′ True saves Italy from a predicament. Excellent tackle and a few meters from the goal line and free kick. Azuri who can enter the field.

13 ′ Braly tries with soccer, then cancels Kanna’s foot Ireland.

Conversion for 12 ‘Sexton: Irish run 10-3.

Gary said thank you for breaking through the top of the 11 line.

The 11 ആക്രമണം Irish attack is devastating, and the Italian defense cannot resist. However, Greens’ goal is reached.

Ireland managed to score 10,, but the Oval did not have full control. Now we start again with a touch of five meters.

9 Italy Ireland frighten Italy: excellent touchdown at the bottom, they reach a few meters away from the goal line, but the Blues help save themselves.

7 ‘put on the field in midfield, a free kick for Ireland that can attack again.

6 ′ Sexton can not go wrong from a central position: the draw comes, 3-3.

5 o Very bad: He was able to release Garbici well, but has a blue offside. Free kick on the 22nd for Ireland.

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4 ′ Polo Garbici not wrong: 3-0 Italy.

3 the free kick in the middle of the poles: Blues who can find the advantage.

3 Irish 22 Two charges for blues who remain in Irish and attempt to attack.

2 a free kick for the Blues for an Irish foul: Italy soon a touch of 22 greens.

1 the Free Foot In Ireland, the first action ball for the blues starts in the middle of the field.

First kick for 1 ‘Polo Garbici!

Everything is ready, the teams will line up for the kickoff!

15.13 Fifteenth Blue Innovation: Unfortunately Stephen Warnick was injured in the warm-up match, leaving space for Braille from half of the scrum.

15.11 Mammeli’s song!

15.08 Teams on the Roman Lawn: It’s National Anthem Time.

15.05 Everything is ready: Teams soon on the pitch at the Olympics.

15.02 Azuri hopes to find a success that has been missing for six years.

14.59 Teams entering the arena soon for the national anthem.

14.55 Ireland XV:

15 Hugo Keenan, 14 Jordan Larmore, 13 Gary Ringrose, 12 Robbie Henshaw, 11 James Lowe, 10 Jonathan Sexton (c), 9 Jamie Gibson-Park, 8 CJ Standard, 7 Will Connors, 6 Tad Beer, 4 James Ryan, 4 Ian Henderson, 3 Thudg Furlong, 2 Ronan Kelleher, 1 Dave Kilcoin
Available: 16 Rob Herring, 17 Sean Healy, 18 Andrew Porter, 19 Ryan Baird, 20 Jack Conan, 21 Craig Casey, 22 Billy Burns, 23 Keith Earls

14.49 Italy XV:

15 Jacopo Trulla, 14 Luka Sperantio, 13 Juan Ignacio Brex, 12 Carlo Cana, 11 Montana Ion, 10 Paulo Garbici, 9 Stephen Warnie, 8 Michel Lamaro, 7 Johan Mayer, 6 Sebastian Negri, 5 David CC, 4 Marco Lazaro Marco Riccioni, 2 Luke Bigi (c), 1 Andrea Lovotti
Available: 16 Gianmarco Lucci, 17 Cheriff Troer, 18 Giuseppe Silochi, 19 Nicola Cannon, 20 Maxim Mbanda, 21 Bralley, 22 Federico Mori, 23 Modified Bellini

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14.44 A short statistic: Italy have won 4 times against Ireland in the last 32, ending 50-17 in Dublin on October 24 last year. Both teams lost the first two games: Azuri 0 and Irish 2.

14.40 The third day of the Six Nations 2021 is scheduled for 15.15: Italy and Ireland compete against each other at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

14.38 Hello, welcome to the best rugby.

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Challenge program with formations

Welcome to the live text of the match between Italy and Ireland, valid for the third day of Six Nations 2021 rugby.: Today, Saturday 27th February, the match will start at 15.15 and will suggest a challenge between the two teams that lost the first two matches.

In Italy have won 4 of their last 32 matches against IrelandThe clash in Dublin on October 24 last year ended in a score 50-17. As mentioned, both teams lost the first two games: Blues 0 and Irish 2.

Also, at 32 intersections between two choices Ireland scored 1122 points against Italy’s 487. Even bypassing the bill Meet: 134-44. The final Italian victory begins March 16, 2013, when Italy beat Rome 22-15 in six countries.

OA Sport offers you live coverage of the match between Italy and Ireland, valid for the third day of Six Nations 2021 rugby: The match starts today, Saturday 27th February at 3.15pm, Our live broadcast will start at 14.45. Enjoy our live text live!

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