Four asteroids will soon fly close to our planet. One must see from the earth

Four asteroids will soon fly close to our planet.  One must see from the earth

19. 11. 2021 06:00 | Bratislava /

They reach hundreds of meters in size.

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Four large asteroids will approach Earth next weekend. As he writes Newsweek, Everyone around our planet flies at high speeds.

The first of these, the 2016 JG12, measures an average of about 190 meters and flies around the Earth at a speed of seven kilometers per second at a distance of about five million kilometers.

Asteroid 2016 JG12 should be flown as close as possible to astronomers using binoculars.

It is quite possible that people on Earth could observe this, but it is not yet clear where this is best. It will be closest to Earth within 23 minutes after midnight from Friday to Saturday.

On Saturday morning, two more asteroids approached Earth, first marked 2021 VR, approximately the size of the Pyramid of Cheops.

At 120 meters in diameter, the asteroid will fly at a safe distance of more than five million kilometers.

It will be accompanied by a small asteroid called 2021 VJ11, which averages more than 20 meters.

We will also see the fourth largest asteroid over the weekend. It is marked 1982HR and averages 300 meters. It will fly 5.7 million kilometers from our planet.

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