Four asteroids orbiting Earth in three days

Four asteroids orbiting Earth in three days

Another week, there is another warning from NASA about a group of asteroids heading in the direction of the Earth.

While being September ended with three asteroids passing through Earth in the last days, This week October is another week full of space debris.

One of them is already thought to have passed on October 5, 2020. The RV2, about half the height of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris or 25 meters in diameter, passed us safely for 5.69 million kilometers.

NASA Asteroid Watch

On October 6, 2020, the RR2 with a diameter of 26 meters will cross the Earth at a safe flyby distance of 6.2 million kilometers. On Wednesday, October 7, the largest of these rocks, 46 meters (half the height of the Statue of Liberty) 2020 RK2 will overtake us 3.8 million kilometers.

On the same day, an asteroid with a diameter of 15 meters, the 2019 SB6 will orbit 4.5 million kilometers.

On October 8, the 2020 SR6 with a diameter of 25 meters will cover 2.7 million kilometers of Earth.

Not surprisingly, given the state of events on Earth in 2020, the number of asteroids passing through Earth has proven to be fodder for humor and obsolescence.

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Asteroids passing through EarthNASA

People are coming up with movie ideas that include asteroids but 2020 gives it a twist. “Film concept: A giant asteroid is moving toward Earth, so the president is organizing a team of economists to explain that doing something about it could lead to a recession,” one tweeted.

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An asteroid is even predicted to hit Earth during the November 3 U.S. election. Dark Humor Online Some predict that the year will end with a shock – some literally fall on Earth and sit at their homes eating Christmas dinner imagining how 2021 will be different. Some believe that 2020 is destructive enough and that the two asteroids that hit Earth will justify the year and not be surprising.

In fact, according to NASA, there is currently no immediate threat from space, so we should all worry about what is happening on the blue planet.

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