Forwards coach Gregory Pattot leaves the club

Forwards coach Gregory Pattot leaves the club

The Maritime Club formalizes August, in a press release issued on August 4, one year before the end of the contract, with the departure of its forward coach who wished to take advantage of the extended privileges.

On Wednesday, August 4, Stade Rochelleys formalized the forward, with the departure of its forward coach Gregory Pattat. As revealed by “Southwest” on July 3, the third line from the former 46-year-old Jersey wanted to “take advantage of the wider rights promised as part of the staff reorganization for the 2021-2022 season” and the Caravel club could not “fit into the new sports organization chart”, the press release said. Explaining. Therefore, both parties agreed to terminate the contract until June 2022.

Stade Rochelice praised Gregory Pattat’s commitment and workmanship, who came to take charge of the Espooers in 2016, before joining the staff of the Pro team for forward training. In three seasons, Ossetian has won two major 14 semi-finals (2019, 2021), a Championship Final (2021), a Champions Cup (in 2021) and a Challenge Cup (2019) with France as the current Vice-Champion. Vice Champion in Europe.

Donacha was replaced by Ryan

Irishman Donacha Ryan, a former teammate of Ronan Ogara of Marister, will be recruiting for the Maritime Staff: taking charge of the forwards alongside former second tier racing Romain Carmignani. In Schroeder, South African Gurtre Steinkamp will appoint David Sirakashvili, who has joined Clermont along with former sports director Jono Gibbs.

The Espooers will be in charge of a duet with Sebastian Morale, the former chief of the Stade Tolstoyan, and the former three – quarters of Stade Rochelis (2005-2010). The structure of the new organization chart should be formalized soon.

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