Fortunately! Fishermen find $ 7 million in treasure inside animal world

Fortunately!  Fishermen find $ 7 million in treasure inside animal world

Fishermen find ambergris inside sperm whale
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Posted on 06/03/2021 9:08 PM

Sana’a – A group of fishermen from southern Yemen have discovered a rare treasure inside the carcass of a sperm whale. Inside the animal was found 127 kg of ambergris, the “vomit” of cetacean used in the manufacture of perfumes. The Independent UK estimates it at around 1 1.1 million, about $ 7 million.

The body of the animal floating in the Gulf of Aden alerted 35 workers, who pulled it ashore with a small boat and opened the body.

“As soon as we got close, there was a strong smell, and we had a feeling that the whale had something,” a fisherman told the BBC.

Anonymous Yemeni added: “We decided to hook up the whale, take it ashore and cut it to see what was inside its belly, yes, it was ambergris. It didn’t smell very good – but a lot of money. ”

Ambergris – also known as “vomit gold” or “floating gold” – is used to produce gray or black wax. It is used in perfumes to preserve spices.

According to the Middle East Eye, fishermen in the village of Al-Khaisa agreed to split the profit of the gray amber before it could sell for $ 7 million.

One of the fishermen told the website that he had gone to buy a house, and that some people were out of poverty and now wanted to get married.

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