Fortnight’s Marvel Deal will last for years and is part of a larger metawares master plan.

Fortnight's Marvel Deal will last for years and is part of a larger metawares master plan.

Fortnight’s partnership with Marvel is currently at an all-time high. After a few years of crossover events to promote movies with a few guest star skins, we’m about to complete a full Marvel season, where every war pass skin comes from the Marvel universe, and Galactus apparently comes to eat at Fortnight Night Island.

While this may seem like the end of Fortnight’s Marvel partnership, according to Donald Mustard of Epic, this is really just the beginning, and this collaboration has been in his brain for years, and it’s nowhere near that.

I recently noticed mustard This week on the Marvel Podcast, And he had a lot to say about the collaboration, including that it will continue in the future.

That doesn’t mean Marvel-based seasons anymore, but I think he understands what he’s getting here.

At the heart of the Marvel season, Mustard talks about the central “Battle of the Nexus”, and his hints indicate a larger storyline involving the birth of the Metavers. Nexus, after all, means “connected series or group.”

First, is Fortnight Literally You’re trying to be metavernous with live events, in-game concerts and party modes, where you can hang out and cool off. But this seems to indicate the reality of the first sight I saw Storyline Fortnight is trying to set up metavers based on an actual description within the game. These different IPs and characters are all metavers that come together in one place. Hence, the “Battle of the Nexus.”

According to Mustard, the Galacticus was drawn to Fort Night Island at a time when the “zero point” reality of a few seasons was being torn apart. Now, we are in a Marvel phase, which is “just the beginning of many of the things we have planned for Marvel integration,” Mustard says.

But I think we will start to see a mixture of more and more properties that are not mentioned here. Fortnight’s own original characters are a big category, yes, but it’s a game with branded deals with DC, Borderland, Stranger Things, and John Wick, and of course another great Disney property Star Wars.

What happens here reminds me of the point in the Dark Tower, where you realize that Stephen King is trying to create an unholy connection with the literary worlds, his own work, yes, but ends up even mentioning Harry Potter in this series. The line between these worlds is blurring, and I think that’s where Fortnight goes.

Yes, in the future, I think you will see Fortnight continue to use Marvel characters in its story, but I hope they will branch out to interact with other IPs. Owned by the same company, it could be Star Wars, but it’s easy to see that DC is hungry not to get out of Fortnight’s growing metawares, so yes, maybe there’s a future involving Superman and Ray lined up to block Galactus, the Dark Seed, and the Palpatine Emperor. It’s not as absurd as it sounds now, and Fortnight has no limits not only to its literal metawares, but also to this growing metawares in-game storyline.

Mustard may have been at the helm of Marvel because of their long association with them, but they have been mapping out content for years, and eventually the “story” seems to have a clear direction, trying to merge different IPs, not just into one game, but into Fortnight as a metavers platform, into as much of the universe as possible. The Nexus is coming.

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