Former USA Limoges coach Romain Carmignani with Stade Rochales on the roof of Europe

Ancien coach de l

More than 36 hours have passed since Arthur Ritter stretched out his leper arm on the lawn of Stade Velodrome in Marseille to lead Stade Rochellees to the roof of Europe. This Monday morning, Romain Carmignani is about to join his bike.
“We will not resume rugby until Wednesday (editor’s note to prepare for the decisive journey to Lyon for the final stages of the top 14)”, justifying the forward coach when playing the festive extensions of the European title, which caused a surge. Human tide in the old harbor. The wave of yellow and black filled the heart of the previous third row. “It’s incredible,” he admits. Arriving at the airport around 5am on Sunday was busy. We all exploded a little (sic) but we really enjoyed it. Then, in the middle of this crowd, there was this unusual bus parade. These are unique moments. ”
On the കിലോമle de Ré Bridge, within ten miles of the road leading to Rivedoux, there is no doubt that the former coach of Limoges recreated this last hours of film. The breath of the sea above the emptiness may have invited him to follow a course, and many opposing winds never succeeded in wiping out his unshakable faith.

“Little Ardekois” passed through the limousine

“This victory in the European Cup is both a matter of pride and well-being,” he said. The club, which has been seeking the title for a long time, is very happy. Four years ago, I coached Limoges at Federal 1 and today I’m more proud of my career to find myself on the European Champion staff, little Ardekois ”.
European dedication will not detract him from this natural humility. “I did not steal anything,” he asserts. This is a very difficult job, where questioning is permanent and failures are part of success. You learn a lot about yourself and others during difficult times.

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Romain Carmignani with the European Cup in the bowels of the Velodrome.

Since his only season on the Limogood bench with Nicholas Vial-Piler (2017-2018), 38-year-old Romain Carmignani may have retained what he needed to continue his coaching career. As he learned the lessons of the double defeat in the European final and the top 14 against Toulouse last spring. It was not easy for Jono Gibbs to leave for Clermont and to promote Ronan Ogara to the position of head coach. “Our season really started in January. We had no consistency and we could not bring together three good matches that were surprisingly out of place, notes the technician. The return of internationals and collective awareness has been helpful.

When you give yourself a way to succeed, your work always ends in reward

Romain Carmignani, the defense officer who heads the forwards alongside Donacha Ryan and Guerrero Steinkamp, ​​contributed to the rise of the La Rochelle consortium and the liabilities in the final did not argue in his favor on Saturday.
“We got the lead because Leinster scored forty points in Toulouse. The team technician who beat the Irish province in the semi – finals last year said we had no chance of winning. We knew we had the power to challenge them in collisions and racks. Our bench brought us a lot, and Leinster gave in. Stade Rochelice because it is sacred. Finally.

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