Former ISS Commander Chris Hadfield on the need for a brighter future

Former ISS Commander Chris Hadfield on the need for a brighter future

The former commander of the International Space Station has revealed that the coast of Ireland is the first part of astronauts on Earth to travel into space.

Colonel Chris Hadfield, 60, is the first Canadian astronaut to complete two space missions in his 35 – year career as a military pilot and astronaut. The sight of Ireland is often a relief to astronauts as they make terrifying journeys from the Earth’s atmosphere.

“The first part of Europe you launched from Florida is the coast of Southern Ireland, which is beautiful to look at,” he said.

Sophie Keegan (6) from Stepaside, Raven Francis (6) from St‌lgrgen, Emma Srohan (5) from St‌lgrgen and Kathleen McCabe (7) from Kilmacod are the ones who raise awareness and energy to raise awareness and energy when launching Electric Ireland’s Brighter Energy Program. The program will support the launch of new products and services, including a 100% green electricity pricing plan

“The thing you notice, it’s totally green. You can see the color of Ireland from space, so it’s like a beautiful and colorful relief to see this green island across the Atlantic.”

In 2013, Hardfield rose to superstar status on these shores when he was the first to send an Irish-language tweet from space.

The former Canadian Royal Air Force pilot shared a stunning night time photo of Dublin with his 2.4 million followers from an altitude of 350 km: “Tá Éire fíorálainn! Dark beer in the land of green hills. Dublin shines on Irish nights. ”

Daughter Hadfield, who studied at Trinity College Dublin last June, and her daughter – in – law graduated in medicine from the University of Limerick last June.

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“I think it’s like a mirror when you suddenly see a reality and perspective that you have never had before, so the tweet gave people a chance to see a different reality and feel a new sense of pride.

“I was lucky enough to capture the camera and share the views, and the warmth from the Irish people has been growing ever since.”

Haddfield, a regular visitor to the country, is back for another visit, helping to launch Electric Ireland’s We’s Brilliant Together ‘campaign, which is designed to help customers make small changes to reduce their energy consumption, and a brighter energy future.

Haddfield, in the past, which believed that sustainability is a responsibility we all share, opened up about the importance of reducing our carbon footprint.

With the launch of Electric Ireland’s Brighter Energy Program, astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield has teamed up with Keegan (6) from Stepazide, designed to enable consumers to make small changes that will reduce their energy consumption and provide a brighter energy future in the future.

“One thing that makes you very aware of spacecraft is that Earth is really a spaceship,” he said.

“It’s a closed environment with 7.7 billion people, all the other creatures are all interconnected. There is no other way, there is no Plan B, we are all crew members in the same vehicle.

He continued: “The way our energy is produced has allowed us an unprecedented standard of living in history.

“We’re changing the chemistry and atmosphere of the world in a way that reflects energy and warms into space. Inevitably you heat the atmosphere and change the world’s climate, something we can control.

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“The best way to deal with this in the short term is to get the customer, the real person involved in the process, let them see how much energy they are using, show them how to do it more efficiently, and give them a better knowledge of the customer’s options and options for becoming an energy user.”

The cover of David Bowie’s song ‘Space Oddity’ on ISS has garnered over 44 million views on YouTube, and Hadfield has revealed some of the simple steps we can take in our daily lives to increase energy efficiency.

“For an individual, only the light bulb you choose to buy will have an impact,” he said.

“It may seem trivial, it may save a few euros a year, but overall, with millions of people, it’s going to have a significant impact on reducing the amount of fossil fuels you burn.”

He added: “It may be possible to learn a little from our college students and children.

“We’ll not stick to the old initial choices we made, just think of some new ones and do things a little better.”

Hadfield spent two months in space, spending a total of six months in space, but he says he will only be with him for a moment from the time he spent above Earth’s atmosphere.

“I would say that despite having a lot of great experiences, a major attraction is being able to go out on a space rock,” he recalled.

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“That experience dwarfs everyone else in all its glory and clarity of opportunity to see the world.”

Electric Ireland announced Brighter Energy Program Enable consumers to increase energy efficiency. The program will support the launch of new products and services, including a 100% green electricity pricing plan. Be part of the change and find more visits

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