Forget English! Includes French language in cross shares – “We can’t be happy about this” – Daily Express

Forget English!  Includes French language in cross shares - "We can't be happy about this" - Daily Express

Expert: It will take 20 years to change the English language of the European Union

Jean-Baptiste Lemoine suggested that France use their forthcoming position as President of the European Union – and that the country’s European Minister Clement Boone should do the same. The use of English as a kind of language within the group and especially within the European Parliament has been increasingly controversial, especially since Brexit.

Critics believe that English should not be used on a regular basis, arguing that MEPs should speak in their mother tongue, and instead translate based on the nationality of the audience by a group of linguists in Parliament.

In a speech yesterday, Jean-Baptiste Lemoin, a member of the N’Marche, declared: “France is taking over the presidency of the European Union and we want this issue to be a priority with Clement Boone.”

“French institution should have a good position in European institutions, but not only French but also other languages. “

Emmanuel Macron of France and Angela Merkel of Germany (Picture: Getty)

Jean-Baptiste Lemoine made his reference during a television interview (Picture: France 3TV)

Lemoine added about the basic fluctuations in English that many MEPs claim: “We are not happy to use Esperanto’s 500 globish, 500 words of English that we do not understand.”

Mr. Lemoine is not the first MEP to speak out against English status in the European Union.

Last year, Jordan Bardella, MEP of the right – wing National Franchise National Franchise, argued that England should lose its status, “because Ireland declared Irish the official language and Maltese chose Maltese”.

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Clement Boone

Clement Boone, French European Minister (Picture: Getty)

In a written question, he asked: “What is the Commission’s position on maintaining English as the official language of the European Union?”

“Will the Commission be in favor of changing the rules governing EU languages ​​in accordance with Article 342 of the Convention on the Operation of the European Union?” For example, would you be willing to direct the council to adopt a regulation on this issue? ”

Maros Sefkovic, vice president of the European Commission, said the European Council was more important than the European Commission.

He added: “Regulation No. 1/1958 establishes the linguistic rule of the European Government (1), which is the official official language in Article 1 (2), as well as the official languages ​​of the Union Institutions.

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Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron, President of France (Picture: Getty)

Jordan Bardella

Jordan Bardella, MEP of the National Rally. (Picture: Getty)

“In addition, the Commission points out that English is one of the official languages ​​of the two member states of Ireland and the Republic of Malta.

Speaking last year, French left-wing MEP manual Bompard said: “According to the Commission’s own sources for translation, only 5% of the Commission’s documents were written in 2014. 81% in French and 2% in German. in English.

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“When the withdrawal of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland from the European Union from the European Union is completed in accordance with Article 50 of the Treaty with the European Union, English will no longer be the official language of an EU Member State.

“However, will the Commission review its practice in relation to working languages? Will he remove English from the list and use French and German completely and equally?

Emmanuel Macron Sheet

Emmanuel Macron Sheet (Image: Express)

On this occasion, Sefkovich replied: “Currently, there are 24 official official and working languages ​​in the Union Institutions, including English, the official language of Ireland and Malta.

It is not intended to change the existing arrangements for the use of languages ​​within the Commission.

Former European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker also questioned whether English should continue to be used within the community, saying in 2017 that it was “less important than that”.

Speaking to last year, Littlewood, Managing Director of the Institute for Economic Affairs, told “The English language is the most widely used language in world business.

Maros Sefkovic

Maros Sefkovic, European Commissioner (Picture: Getty)

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