For those who support the rest of Europe in the final

For those who support the rest of Europe in the final

Inside Wembley There will be more English fans ready to turn the historic London National Stadium into a bed. But outside? Suppose the British were pleased England The Italians will rejoice Italy (But in some cases, in both countries, the necessary “traitors” will be willing to be on duty with the adversary), for those who encourage the restEurope? Someone took sides in a clear way, others in secret. Who has the most “virtual” fans, therefore, in the final London In between Italy and England?

French and Spanish with Italy

Surprisingly, the majority of French people also enjoy it Italy. This is according to a survey conducted by L Equip, which provided public opinion. 68% of readers actually believe itEngland Thanks for the very questionable penalty. However, 75% of the winners are Assuri. Despite the elimination in the semifinals, even the Spaniards are ready to stand with this teamItaly, Since CT Louis Enrique After the defeat, he declared: “I will encourage you.” Divides by heart Jose Mourinho, He confined himself to wanting the “perfect final” between them Italy and England After deleting “his” Portugal, Instead it seems that the majority of Lusitanian fans will support itItaly In front of television screens.

Mancini becomes brave in Scotland

The biggest fans of Asuri, Italy On the one hand, they will be in the British Isles. In Scotland Even the pro-independence newspaper National was released today Mancini Version brave Heart On the first page, complete with an appeal: “Save us Roberto, you are our ultimate hope. We can not stand with them for another 55 years (referring to the English cousins ​​still celebrating their only international success Global 1966 house). EvenUlster With a unionist majority,Northern Ireland In football, most fans will appreciate Azuri’s success. Ditto inside Wales. In Republic of Ireland, On the other hand, young people Sinn Fin, Announced their condolences by posting a tweet with a photo of the Italian national team: clearer than that.

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Ursula von der Lane also takes years

But Assyria can also rely on various “institutional” supports. Starting with the president Commissioner Europe, Ursula von der Lane. His spokesman, Eric Mammer, Responding to an English journalist Joe Barnes He repeated during a daily online briefing for the press: “His heart is with the Assyrian team, so he will have fun on Sunday Italy“. And the President Council of Europe, Belgian Charles Michael, He sincerely said he would be happy‘Italy.

England fans

Even in many Eastern countries, Russia In the head, l‘Italy The tricolor culture attracts more sympathy than thisEngland, Feels happy The old world The blue part is unbalanced. With some exceptions. In the Nordic countries, of course Denmark The majority of fans who are ridiculed in the semifinals will be short on English. as well as Germany Anger at the elimination of suffering is dividedEngland In the second round and in the historic football match with the Asuri. In the few who are publicly seduced‘Italy, He ‘Kaiser’ France Beckenbauer: “I make them happy. As a football player I could have finished Milan Everything ‘Inter, We lost very little “.

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