For our last evening control advice, pave the way for the incredible remnants of OCS

For our last evening control advice, pave the way for the incredible remnants of OCS

To support you during the reconstruction, drafting Digital Scanned video platforms. Tonight, we conclude this review with one of the most beautiful series of the beginning of this century, The rest, To view in OCS.

Although the curfew is set to rise from its ashes in several weeks, its end allows us to suspend our evening meeting. This is the last time we recommend a film, series, documentary, concert or sport event available on a paid or free video platform in France. Hope this little column doesn’t come back too soon …

The rest In OCS

News section journalist Bastian Lion ends this cycle of evening suggestions, which began about two months ago by telling us about another series by Damon Lindelof. After The guards, He recommends us another HBO series, The rest, Also available at OCS.

“It’s hard to write about what’s left, because its reception can vary depending on each person’s sensitivity. Created by Damon Lindelof in response to the disappointment of his ‘lost’ fans and the sudden disappearance of his father after the end, the series takes a very simple narrative starting point.

On October 14, 2011, 2% of the world’s population disappeared by the blink of an eye, or 140 million people. The series takes place three years after this tragic and indescribable event. Many screenwriters would focus on finding the answer, an explanation for the initial nigotai, and Lindelof chooses to stand on the heights of a man himself and show how his characters take it.

It follows three almost unchangeable asons that deeply question human themes: Lamentation, Faith, Family, Love, and Madness… The ‘remnants’ always thank its characters, each more attractive than the last. If only two are kept, it will be Matt Jamison, whose beliefs are constantly being tested, and most importantly, Nora Durst, a lost mother in a world where her husband and two children have lost each other. Evaporated at full breakfast.

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‘The Leftovers’ is a series that, despite its brevity (28 episodes), is time consuming and does not hesitate to skip a few descriptive turns, for example focusing multiple times on a character throughout an episode. This somewhat strange rhythm may surprise some. Others will be captivated by the mastery and emotion that the series releases. It is no coincidence that it is frequently quoted in the best works of the early century. ”


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Other than that?

We wanted to end with a slightly lighter proposal. If you ‘ve never heard of this, it’s time to get interested Derry Girls. The series, available on Netflix, takes place in Northern Ireland in the early 90’s, amid conflicts between the Catholic minority and the Protestant majority (simply put, it’s a little more complicated). We follow the daily lives of four girls who joined a Catholic school, which is absolutely irresistible. If you like knife-cut accents, common teen fights, villainy and catchy dialogue, go for it, this is a little newjet.

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