For a pound .. “Ahmed” invented a “General Power Bank” that charges solar energy

بجنيه واحد.. "أحمد" ابتكر "باور بانك عمومى" يشحن بالطاقة الشمسية

“Setting a goal is the most important way to succeed.” Ahmed Sami, a young man in his twenties, son of the Governor of Alexandria, summed up the story of his struggle that began in the preparatory phase. The total qualification for admission to the General Secondary School was to enroll in the Technical Education for 3 years and thereby to join the Technical Institute for two years. For competitions and scientific conferences, he recently created the “Charge with a Pound” project, a “power bank” device installed in public places used in emergencies, using the same concept as public phones, charging with solar energy.

Project details

Ahmed Sami said in his speech on “The Seventh Day”: The idea of ​​the project is to have a device for charging mobiles and electronic devices in public places, which is a very large power bank device installed in public places. Mobile.

Extraction: “Project concept Its purpose is to provide low cost services in public places, parks, beaches, train stations and trains, so I thought of building the first device I can charge with a pound dedicated to mobile charging. It relies on solar energy so I can charge my mobile while waiting for someone or sitting on the Corniche or on university campuses. The device will install, I can charge my mobile for 20 minutes with one pound, normal charging and speed. Charging, and depending on the type of mobile I choose, the device used solar cells, batteries for coin finder and programmed charging circuit.

Childhood passion

Ahmed’s passion for electronics is not new, so he says in “The Seventh Day”: “From a young age I loved innovations and inventions. I always skipped games and adapted them to other purposes. Leah Talat, who came first in the Electrical Department, began to gain more confidence.

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He explains: “The purpose of the competition is to present an innovative financial achievement. At that time, the idea was presented to the committee. At first, everyone surprised me and asked me if you would. The idea was implemented. Qualified, it was at the Republic level, ranking seventh out of 1400 joint projects in the competition.

About the difficulties: “I had a lot of financial and technical problems, which was a shock, because two days before the match the equipment burned out of me, but thanks to our lord, supervisor and some of my friends, I was able to. I won first place in technical education projects and participated in a competition to win and participate in the Cairo International Fair IEEEE The World Engineering Organization and Competition was the liquidation of Egypt, winning first place and participating in the first educational forum in the administrative capital.

He continued, “My life dream is to have a great company of my own. I’m also a fan of charity. I want to be one of the greatest partners in goodness. Thanks to my mom and dad, they are among the people who support me the most.

A young man in his twenties invents a device to charge a mobile phone

Ahmed Sami is an innovative young man
Ahmed Sami is an innovative young man

Solar cell project
Solar cell project

Innovation Gateway Competition
Innovation Gateway Competition

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