Football goes 5G, Olivier Veron of Oxer, a prize for writing in the Mobility Challenge, Sense in the movie … Discover this week’s idiosyncrasies

Star “Former Mayor Dominique Aguilar tweeted, “I’m glad to see the toner on display at the entrance to the Luxembourg Gardens.”

St. PatrickThursday, St. Patrick’s Day, Republican Yone Historian Patrice Wallen’s view on the visit of the Patron Ireland to Oxer. An article he refused to read the same day. In questioning the conference organized by the City in the evening on the same subject. “Keep a little natural!”

WarningIn his inaugural address to the Departmental Council session on Friday, Patrick Gendrod (LR) justified the importance of voting in presidential and legislative elections. He then sent a message: “Among you, I know that the Couples are self-proclaimed in June, and it is undisputed that the legislative debate is not invited to our Assembly.” Informing applicants.

Inevitably The National Fisheries Federation launches a large-scale poster campaign with the slogan “Fishing with enthusiasm”. In Oxfam alone, thirty-four panels are set up inviting rehearsals for this hobby. The campaign will only start on March 23rd.

Football goes to 5GThe 5G deployment of Oxer was announced at Abbé Deschamps the day before AJA-Toulouse. A press conference in the presence of Guy Rooks. “We’re in this legendary stadium, with a legendary coach, starting the Orange Press Officer. I tried to get to Cantona and Cisse, but hey, we could not get them.”

In the Olivier Vran OxerAs part of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign for the presidency, we announced on Twitter that we would be holding a public meeting on Wednesday, March 30, in the Wollabelle Room in Oxfam. Among the “guest stars” were Olivier Veron, Minister of Solidarity and Health;

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A CV against a concert Sylex, Local Mission and Maison DL Employee join forces for the “Boost Your CV” evening on March 25th. The idea is real: job seekers will be given access to The Brooks concert in exchange for their CV. This valuable paper, deposited in the ballot box, will allow job seekers to contact one by one to provide support to job seekers.

France ServicesWhile Signele residents have been complaining about the gradual disappearance of shops in their town in recent years, everyone agrees on the practical side of the Maison France service. Or “France Services Agency / Space”, as Agent Frederick puts it. Do not say “You’m Mys France Services”, because in short it means MFS, which means “less”. A suggestion that Seignelois users should take literally.

A new festivalXenonise is never less of an inspiration to elected officials when creating events. In October, the first edition of Arbor Sense will take place. The aim is to make the public aware of the environmental implications of the use of digital devices. Those who are interested can participate in the creation of this first festival. Go to City’s website under the Events tab.

A great gift Members of the Xenonization Agency of Republican Yone In September, Bourgogne participated in the Mobility Challenge established by the Franche-Comté region. Through pedal strokes or train rides, the happy team won the Company Prize for this challenge and the Town Hall of Gron (Community Prize) and Jordinas de la Crosier (Association Prize). .

Meaning at the top of the posterIn Cenones, where two films, partially shot by Sense, were screened in cinemas in the same week, the case is not trivial: so we can not advise too much to go and see. Notre Dame is burningJean-Jacques Unknown, in a completely different category, portraying Eric Grevel, full timeIn addition to Printemps du Cinema Looms as Laure Calamy Loom, entry tickets are 4.

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Not recognizedPoyaudin Internet users say they have recently observed strange lights in the sky. “At night, in the clear sky, in an south-south-west direction, I see an unknown flying object, with two flashes of white, red and green,” writes one of them. The reactions between the satire (flying saucers, little gray …) and Cartesian explanations (satellites, drones, wind turbines …) are multiple, oscillating. Then you, what did you see?

SponsorsLess than a month before the presidential election, we’re interested in sponsoring the mayors of Avalon. The outgoing president received the support of the mayors of Savigni-en-Tere-Plain, Masangis, Montreal, Taroiso and JL. Mélenchon is the mayor of Girolles, Asquins, Tharot and Saint-Vertu. The mayors of Cermicellus and Lycere sponsored Eric Zemmer, Bros., Couturnoks, and Thori; Franോois Azelino.

The voice of hopeThe essence of the Nantes Association Lazarus is to bring homeless and young workers together in flat shares. By visiting again Hell, In a clip at the beginning of March, she was inspired by the development of stroma during the 20 hours of TF1. “I’m not alone, we’ve together, it’s already less in the head,” sings Bariton Philip Brocard in particular. Here he gives his voice to Frederick, the former homeless man and art director of Estivales de Puiz.


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