Foolishness and despair – liberation

Foolishness and despair - liberation

Justice is open to all, “Like the Ritz”, At the end of the nineteenth century the Irish Supreme Justice Sir James Mathew added sarcastically. The principle of equality and the desire to bring the citizen closer to the judiciary led to the construction of a well-studied and complex balance in most democracies, which resulted in the invention of the “People’s Jury”. Going back to the ideas of the revolution and being immortalized in many novels and films, the fact that a group of citizens are asked to determine the guilt or innocence of a defendant by drawing a lot on the election list. The Assis Court is particularly anchored in the French imagination.

The justice reform, introduced by Eric DuPont-Moretti, the custodian of the seals in the Cabinet this Wednesday, completely abolishes courts that divide criminal offenses punishable by 15 to 20 years in prison, thus depriving popular jurors of justice. The great criminal lawyer Frank Burton, a former ministerial colleague, describes in his pages his astonishment and disappointment at this decision. “It tramples on its own values.” With the breadth of the debate, our correspondents found other disturbing chapters in this reform that obscure its intent well. “Restoring Faith in the Judiciary”. For example, at the end of the inmates’ remission credits, a classic security request from the French right could not be obtained when it was in power. But isn’t she now? DuPont-Moretti, who burned the stages of reflection and goution deliberation on this poorly designed and inaccurate bill, intended to leave this monument in his image before leaving office official status. But justice is likely to be open to all, so it will be reasonably less.

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