Fluid Dynamics Exhibition opens at Versus Art Project

Fluid Dynamics Exhibition opens at Versus Art Project

Curated by the Versus Art Project from April 8 to May 8, 2021 Osje YilmasIn Acquiring; Alper iodine, Emin Boyner Cursat, Didem Erbas, Sibel Horada, Berka Beste Copus, Yelta Com, Marine race And Gulhathoon YildirimIn partnership with “Fluid Dynamics” It hosts the show.

Fluid Dynamics The concept of “fluidity” reflects the fluidity of life, reflecting the nature, city, and virtual spaces within the relationship between person and space. The name of the exhibition is derived from “Fluid Dynamics” which studies the nature of liquids, gases and plasma in motion. This field is related to the measurements of the infinite motion of liquids with molecules colliding with each other.

About the exhibition

The exhibition is based on a curatorial axis that advances the concept of fluidity. This axis starts from the “water” found in nature and touches the flow and fluidity of nature. Mythological-biological-political references to water. It is associated not only with the earth but also with body fluids. It explores the position of fluid in the human body’s communication with nature, drawing on the concept of “fluidity” and its consequences based on “water”. Fire, which can be considered as a remote reference to the concept of liquidity, plays an important role in the exhibition. It melts and transforms lava, the volcanic geological factions that emerge from the core of the planet as liquid fire, and changes in its references and meanings as lead and other solids. The next stopover point of the axis is the fluidity of the concrete and the movement in city life, through the fluid flow to the flex, the ability to adapt and the ability to survive.

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The conceptual axis of the exhibition focuses on the flow of city life and related elements and then examines the fluidity of the digital world, codes and pixels. Binary codes tell us that the flow between the invisible networks that connect us to each other and the pixels that carry information about the current visual culture is as relevant to life as today’s water.

The curatorial axis drawn in fluid dynamics ultimately questions the fluidity of knowledge through the ulaha trade nature of science; It ends with the use of VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and AI (artificial intelligence) to question the fluidity of our understanding of reality and identity, and to invite the audience to think about these concepts together. The open way.

Hosted by the Versus Art Project and curated by Oz Yelmas, the exhibition features works from video, installation, painting, photography and ceramic media.

Alper iodine – Road
Emin Boyner Coryat – Rooting
Denise Tortum – Celiotagi
Gulhathoon Yildirim – Submerge in water
Sibel Horada – Chain
Yelta Com – Probabilistic Levels
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