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Florida adds 5,558 corona virus cases, highest daily since August

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In Florida, 5,558 corona virus cases were reported Thursday. The highest number of cases has been reported in a single day since August 15.

The total number of infections reported across the state of Casslow on Thursday was 768,091, according to the Florida Department of Health. The average number of cases per week rose to 3,300 per day. Thursday, which processed more than a million tests, showed higher-than-usual testing.

The state also added 57 deaths related to the corona virus. The average weekly death toll was 77 per day. Florida Surgeon General Scott Rivkeys said Wednesday the Department of Health will implement it Additional review of corona virus deaths, Although it is not immediately clear what the new review policy will be or how it will affect the state’s day-to-day reports.

Since March, 16,470 people have died from the virus across Florida.

When did the two random days occur? Quest Diagnostics has unloaded a backlog 75,000 inspections in the state by September 1 for the health department Failed to submit report On October 10, two days worth of information is pushed to the next day.

Hospital admission: The Agency for Health Care Administration says more than 2,100 people have been hospitalized in Florida after being diagnosed with the corona virus. Of these, 460 were hospitalized in the Tampa Bay area.

Across the state, 24 percent of hospital beds and 23 percent of intensive care units are available on Thursdays. Tampa Bay has 21 percent hospital beds and 19 percent ICU beds.

The number of hospital admissions increased by 141 admissions.

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Positive: The average weekly positivity rate in Florida is about 12 percent, In the opinion of Johns Hopkins University.

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The Florida Department of Health estimates that the positive rate is about 5 percent, not the positive rate, but the negative rate.

If the positivity is very high, this indicates that there is not enough extensive testing to capture moderate and asymptomatic cases. The World Health Organization recommends a positive rate of five percent or less for two weeks before reopening.

Local Numbers: Tampa Bay added 1,011 corona virus cases and 11 deaths Thursday.

Seven deaths were reported in Pinellus County, three in Hernando and one in Manatti. No new deaths were reported in Hillsborough, Polk and Pasco counties.

Paul tops the week with the highest average positivity rate of 7 percent, followed by Hillsborough at 6 percent and all other area candies at 5 percent.

According to the latest figures, there are 46,300 cases and 760 deaths in Hillsborough; Pinellus has 24,650 cases and 816 deaths; Polk has 22,256 cases and 595 deaths; Manati has 12,761 cases and 326 deaths; Pascoe has 10,406 cases and 228 deaths; Hernando has 3,531 cases and 166 deaths; Citrus has 3,091 cases and 131 deaths.

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Florida Corona virus cases by age

Doctors say the elderly are more likely to develop severe symptoms from COVID-19, which makes Florida particularly vulnerable.

How the corona virus spreads in Florida: Find the latest numbers for your county, city or zip code.

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