Florian Hempel lost in the third round

Florian Hempel lost in the third round

The victory over world number five Dimitri van den Berg was a thrilling victory for Florian Hempel. The former handball player could not build success – failed because of an Australian.

No one expected it. After winning the German duel against Martin Schindler in the first round (3-0), Florian Hempel also put in a great performance in his second match. Interactingly subdued Belgium’s Dimitri van den Berg 3: 1.

But the Cologne-born man was unable to build on his victory over Belgium in the third round on Monday. They lost 4-1 to Raymond Smith of Australia. Throughout the battle, Hempel did not find his way, but Smith did well.

++ Third round match between Hemble and Smith in a live ticker for reading ++

5:55 pm: game over! Florian Hempel lost to Raymond Smith in the third round. The Australian moves to the 16th round, where they meet the winner of the fight between Steve Lennon (Ireland) and Mervyn King (England).

5. Set – If Smith wins this match, he will advance to the 16th round. Hempel finds nothing in this decision leg. German 100 does not complete. Raymond Smith then threw a “double 20” and won the duel! 2: 3

5. Set – Now Smith is starting well! These are really big darts from Australia. In this leg, “Coleshe Jung” has no chance. 2: 2

5. Set – Hempel now averages over 90 for the first time, but not 36, which is why Smith now has a chance of winning a leg. But he didn’t even hit a “double 16”. The German then won the “Double 9”. 2: 1

5. Set – Smith finished “Double 8”, equalized with his throw-off leg. 1: 1

5. Set – Hempel is under a lot of pressure right now. Still, he started well in the first quarter of the fifth set. He finished an 89, and finally he hit the “Bulls Eye”! That’s all there is to it 1: 0.

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17:39: This would be very difficult for the German Florian Hempel. Raymond Smith needs to win a set to advance to Round 16.

4. Set – Hempel hit 180! Can he get a tie on this set now? No! Smith finished with 24 runs and won the leg. 1: 3

4. Set – Smith is now back on set. But this time Hempel opposes! When he had double problems before, he now hit a “double 8” and so shortened. 1: 2

4. Set – Incidentally, Hempel increased his average in the previous three sets. This makes it clear that he finds his game great. But it does not help him on this leg. “Double 10” Smith won this break – set to win. 0: 2

4. Set – Exclamation mark for Australians! He countered with 180 runs from the start. But then Smith was weak, 5 not finished! However, Hempel could not take advantage of this. Raymond Smith finished second. Bitter to Hempel! 0: 1

3. Set – Great start for the leg. Hempel bowled 180 and Smith struck back with 140 runs. The German now came into the game and clearly won on foot. So he won this set, which is now only 1: 2. Hempel is back! 3: 2

3. Set – Hempel looks intimidating, and does not have good body language. Can he come here again? In the set, Smith threw 3-0. But Smith missed the “Bulls Eye”. Hempel finished with a 36 and drew! Break again to compensate. 2: 2

3. Set – The Australian starts the third 180 of the game. Hempel failed to win the leg with a “double 5”. Smith refused to take it and won the next quarter. 1: 2

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3. Set – Smith does not allow anything to burn. With “Double 12” he won his first quarter in the third set. 1: 1

3. Set – Hempel kicked off again. At the start of the set, Smith could not find his best game yet. Is that an opportunity for Germany? Yes! Hempel completed a 32 and won the leg number one. 1: 0

5:10 pm: For the Germans, it was tightening. Florian Hempel also lost the second set and must now win to avoid slipping into a state of despair.

2. Set – Is Smith retaliating now? Hempel loses the thread again, and the Australian takes advantage of it. The second set was for Smith. 2: 3

2. Set – Hempel 51 must be completed. He does it with colors. Quickly in the second set between Hemp and Smith 2: 2. Now the first judge in the second set.

2. Set – Florian Hempel works! In the second set, the third quarter barely won. Very important re-break from Hempel! 1: 2

2. Set – Smith is very good here. So far he has played at an average of 104. Smith missed the first break chance, but Hempel was unable to capitalize. Smith then completed the “Double 10”, winning his 20th consecutive fifth consecutive victory. 0: 2

2. Set – Now Smith is on fire. Again he puts the exclamation point 140 twice each time. The first leg of the second set was for the strong Australian. 0: 1

4:56 pm: The first set went to Australian Raymond Smith. You need three more people to win the game. Hempel has yet to find his way into his game.

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1 set – Finding a better way to the Australian game. He throws a “high finish” straight and wins the first set against the throw-off. 1: 3

1 set – Both threw a few triples in the third quarter. Hempel has yet to find his game, with the Australian getting stronger and throwing 180. He took number three and got the first break. 1: 2

1 set – Now Smith is on fire. The second quarter clearly wins. Compensation. 1: 1

1 set – Florian Hempel starts, so there is a small gain. The Germans scored 180 in the first quarter. But Smith is also competing well. However, the hempel leg decides for itself! Very good start. 1: 0

4.43 pm: Now it’s Florian Hempel’s turn. He comes up with the song “Coleshe Jung”.

4.42 pm: let’s go. Australian Raymond Smith made his stage debut.

4.33 pm: Michael Smith won against William O’Connor. Let’s start Florian Hempel’s game now.

4:15 pm: In a few minutes, when the match between Michael Smith and William O’Connor is over, Hempel and Smith will be on stage.

4:10 pm: The winner of the duel will meet the winner of the duel between Steve Lennon (Ireland) and Mervyn King (England) on Thursday afternoon. The two will not meet until noon tomorrow.

4:05 pm: With the victories over Jamie Hughes (3: 1, Round One) and Devon Peterson (3: 0, Round Two), the Australian handled his previous job with ease.

4 pm: Welcome to the Darts Live Ticker! In the fight against Raymond Smith, Florian Hempel has a great chance to make an exciting move to the 16th round of the World Cup.

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