Florence Parley announces readiness to deploy “about 100” French troops in Romania

Florence Parley announces readiness to deploy "about 100" French troops in Romania

On Saturday, January 29, France invited the Inter, and the Armed Forces Minister assured that “diplomatic and political solutions” would be possible to resolve the conflict, but said he was ready to send “about 100” troops.

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The conversation continues We are convinced that this conflict must be resolved through dialogue and diplomatic and political solutions.Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parle assured the French Interior on Saturday, January 29, about the crisis in Ukraine. “Provisions have been made for possible Russian military intervention.” In Ukraine, she said.

She calculated the number of soldiers lined up “Tens of thousands of people distributed in the north” And mentioned “Rise of power in eastern Ukraine”.

According to Florence Parley, the head of state mentioned it “France is ready to deploy military units in Romania, a country that shares a border with Ukraine, if NATO decides to do so.” The minister traveled to Romania last Thursday to discuss the issue, and a meeting is scheduled to take place “Very soon with NATO members”.

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“Several hundred” Florence Parley said French troops were ready to deploy in Romania “This is not for military augmentation. We are realistic and clear, so we are prepared. We are ready to defend the countries closest to this area of ‚Äč‚Äčtension, whose primary problem is Ukraine.”She said.

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