Flights from Poitiers-Bird Airport to Lisbon and Edinburgh from March 2022

Les vols vers Lisbonne et Edimbourg seront assurés par la compagnie aérienne à bas coût Ryanair.

Poitiers-Bird Airport was unveiled Flight schedule for 2022 This Thursday, December 9. Operator Sealer and Semi-Public Company, representing the Vian Department, announced the arrival of the new destinations: Edinburgh (Scotland) and Lisbon (Portugal). There will be double connections between Poitiers and London. All these cities will have cheaper airline services Ryan Air, Since March 28 to the end of October. In the opinion of airport managers, this should be especially possible. “Strengthen the attraction of Poitiers-Bird“.

Three-year agreement between the airport and Ryan Air

Two rounds of trips each week to Edinburgh are planned (all On Mondays and Fridays) Lisbon (all Tuesday and Saturday). There will be now Four weekly To London (all On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays). The Reservations are already open On the Ryanair website and at travel agencies. “Never before have so many flights been scheduled in a single season at Poitiers-Bird“, Confirms Gilles Tellier, Managing Director of Sealer. One Three year contract Signed with Irish Airlines.

Sealer bets Internationally 60,000 to 65,000 passengers per year Contribution to this new line from Poitiers. This is equivalent to the 2019 air traffic before the health crisis that severely affected the site. New destinations intended in response to the consultation initiated by Grand Poitiers. The initiative was taken by the urban community Beginning of November To find alternatives in the context of declining traffic and costly management costs. Conclusions should be Distributed in February 2022. But the department, which is the majority shareholder in the Mixed Economy Union, did not appreciate the study. Alain Pichon, President, especially sorry “Place in front of a Fight Amplifier“, To our colleagues New Republic.

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We live in something historical – Alain Pichon, President of the Vian Department and Poitiers-Bird Airport Mixed Union

Poitiers destination is attractive to a company like Ryanair, which is the answer to the question of counseling about the lack of passengers. We respond to the need for proximity. The mediator of all this will be the consumer“, Says Gilles Tellier.”A company like Ryanair that has been willing to invest here for more than three years is extraordinary and we are experiencing something historic. Obviously we still have difficulties, but we need an airport with interesting destinations. This is proof that the attractiveness of the equipment is huge and our area will benefit from it.“, Adds Alain Pichon.

Sealer’s flight program was also announced this Thursday Poitiers-Lyon internal line should be strengthened From the second quarter of 2022. It already exists Five rounds a week.

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