Flight chaos: Lufthansa canceled almost all routes for Wednesday’s strike

Flight chaos: Lufthansa canceled almost all routes for Wednesday's strike

There is now no respite for departing travelers to rememberBlack summer for the transport sector the plane. German flag carrier on Wednesday 26th July Lufthansa Many were declared cancelled love E. in Frankfurt Monaco Due to a strike called by the Verdi union for ground staff. The news comes weeks after thousands of European airports were affected Canceled flightsDelays in luggage deliveries and thousands of refund requests.

The strike is on July 27

They will remain on the ground for the strike day 678 flights from Frankfurt and 345 flights to Munich, involving a total of 130,000 passengers.. The company has already highlighted that “the ability to rebook passengers affected by the cancellations is very limited” so the inconvenience “could last well into the weekend”. The workers aim to increase pressure on management for a 9.5% pay rise.

The situation in Italy

In Italy, where inconveniences mostly arise from interconnections with the European network, issues in this area, from the organization of airports to working conditions, were discussed at a table in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility. The involvement of trade unions and employers’ associations is understood to mean that the airline sector rules prohibit strikes in Italy from July 27 to September 5 in an attempt to prevent new strikes. A confrontation that did not satisfy the unions, we learn, with no answers on contract renewal, minimum wage and the airport plan. Workers’ representatives are also concerned about the condition of the ITA, and the implications for handling and maintenance. In the absence of news, unions say they are ready to strike once the concession period expires. Worrying for Lufthansa is the latest in a series of mobilizations that led to the cancellation of thousands of flights in a summer that, with the end of Covid restrictions, has resumed travel, however, in the event of a failure to restore, in various infrastructures, biological ground services. The situation is different in Italy, where many redundancies have been avoided by companies’ use of redundancy funds during periods of reduced traffic due to the pandemic. There is also chaos in Spain today, with at least 11 flights canceled and 99 delayed. Most of the inconvenience is related to the airports of Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona. The mobilization will last until Thursday, with another strike later in the month in Spain expected to hit EasyJet on the 29th, 30th and 31st. Meanwhile, Ryanair itself announced that it closed the first quarter of the year, beating forecasts. A net profit of 170 million euros, compared to a loss of 273 million in the same period of the previous year, recorded a strong recovery in traffic: 45.5 million passengers from 8.1 million. At the same time, the low-cost airline explained that accelerated pay restoration deals agreed with unions represent 80% of its pilots and 70% of cabin crew in Europe. “We are committed to the unions to reinstate the agreed wage cuts that have allowed Ryanair to reduce job losses during the Covid-19 pandemic, during which our competing airlines have cut thousands of highly skilled jobs,” the Irish company said. said in a statement. He is going on the counterattack at the inconvenience of recent weeks: flight chaos in recent days is due to governments and airports not reinforcing ground staff or “the only thing they have to do”, said Ryanair’s finance chief. Quoted by Neil Sorahan, BBC. As for the strikes at Sorah, “they had minimal impact”, while “flight plans were known for months” so “there was a need to increase security personnel and control managers”. After the paralysis of the past few days, the situation at Heathrow, the leading London airport in the United Kingdom and Europe, has stabilized relatively, but with limited flights.

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