Flight cancellation, Croton Airport Committee sit-in strike tomorrow

Flight cancellation, Croton Airport Committee sit-in strike tomorrow

Tuesday, January 19 at 2 p.m. Croton Airport City Committee Returning to assert the right to mobility, a A sit-in for peace Walk along the Pythagorean Airport Last flight to Milan Bergamo. Two connections running Ryanair (There was also a route to and from Bologna) The Irish company was suspended and they will not be flying from Croton Airport before April. One Stop This alarmed the committee and the institutions that demanded a meeting with Sakal.

Establishment meeting

The meeting was to take place Last Friday It was postponed for a week because two Calabrian MPs could not attend. Elizabeth Barbuto of the M5S and Sergio Toromino of Forza Italia. The institutional delegation will include the mayors of Croton and Isola de Capo Resuto. Vincenzo Vos, Maria Gracia WittenbergAnd the Regional Councilor Flora Skalco. Croton’s prefect must be on the list, Maria Carolina Ipolito, Who follows the story carefully. In the meantime, the summit aims to find out whether the cancellation of flights is temporary and find them. Crisis caused by current health emergency, Which led to other companies around the world Reduce air links. But what do the participants in the meeting want to ask Sakal? Plans to reopen the airport And how it is intended to ensure its functioning.

The bitterness of the committee

«40 years ago we had the best trip ever – The committee writes in a note – SS 106 is still sufficient for the traffic at that time, the long-distance trains that circulated on the railway network and at Croton Airport, thanks to Etavia, the world connected us with the rest !!! The airport has not been favorable for 40 years, SS 106 and the Ionian Railway Network have never been upgraded following the tragic fate of Itavia. The area is gradually becoming more and more isolated, with its citizens increasingly marginalized and relegated to a last resort. We said goodbye to this bitter and crude atmosphere Last Croton-Bologna flight on January 17, departing for Croton-Bergamo on the 19th.

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Serious and paradoxical situation

Now the situation is very serious The only infrastructure that can connect us to the world still does not manage everything. However, in the meantime, he submitted a master plan to ENAC for the 195,500,000 euro Lamezia Airport and received 5,000,000 euros in non-refundable funds from the area; There is no plan for Croton, Zero euro and nothing renews! Situated now It’s more serious Government after recognizing us in 2002 Continuity of the area Like Sardinia and Sicily, it has not found a solution to guarantee our right to mobility. Now the situation is the same Paradoxically Because there is not even a single euro Recovery Fund Because no one bothers to design outdated infrastructure! There Railroad Again, with a single track that is not electrified, the cutro tunnel presents structural problems that, if left unresolved, will compromise its entire process Innovation.


ഇ Italians who have been around for years iVisible to the Italian government and the Calabria region. It is our right to demonstrate in the face of all this: in fact, We will arrive at the airport on January 19 at 2pm To show citizens that they want to stay on earth and connect with other parts of the world! We publicly invite everyone, especially associations, mayors, members of parliament and local councilors to support this project. We want a chorus of simple asking voices to rise again: “Free to go and free to return”⁇.

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