Flag of England: What is your story?

A bandeira da Inglaterra é formada pela Cruz de São Jorge sobre um fundo branco.

A Flag of England It is one of the national symbols of that country. It is represented by a rectangle with a red cross stamped white background called the Cruz de São Jorge.

The elements of the English flag were combined with the Scottish flag to form the first flag of the United Kingdom in 1606, and it still exists today in the current configuration of the symbol of this political union.

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Summary of the Flag of England

  • The flag of England is represented on a white background, with the cross of St. George printed in red in reference to the saint, the patron saint of the country.

  • The flag of the United Kingdom, known as the Union Jack, is formed at the junction of symbols representing all the countries that make up this political union.

  • Cruz de Sao Jorge had already been used to identify soldiers in the warships and ships of the English Navy.

Meaning of the Flag of England

Represents the flag of England Cruz de Sao Jorge, considered the patron saint of the country At least from the 14th century. In addition to being officially proclaimed Patron of England, St. George’s form is credited with protecting soldiers based on the legends behind the appearance of this saint and the use of a similar symbol. During the Third Crusade in the 12th century, the English flag fell on the country’s underwear.

A white rectangle with the shape of a cross made of red stripes represents the flag of England. In this national emblem, the White signifies peace. Red represents courage and bravery.

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Differences between the flag of England and the flag of the United Kingdom

The flag of the United Kingdom is known as the Union Jack or Union Flag. Represents all participating countries Of this state Calm downO, All of them:

  • England;

  • Scotland;

  • Northern Ireland;

  • Wales.

It was originally written Junction of the Cross of St. Andrew and St. George, the symbol of Scotland, Which represents England. At the time of its formation, in 1606, it represented Wales, forming a political union with English territory at the time. The Scottish Cross is depicted diagonally on a blue background, from which the color of the UK flag is derived.

After the unification of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801, The St. Patrick’s Cross is included in the flag of the United KingdomIt is a diagonal Red Cross representing Northern Ireland. In this way, the current configuration of the United Kingdom flag is reached, which we can see in the image below.

The flag of the United Kingdom represents the unity of the national symbols of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

History of the England Flag

There is a difficulty in the literature in determining the origin of the symbol found on the English flag and its actual use. In addition, the Red Cross is widely used on the flags of other countries, institutions and territories not limited to the European continent.

As Epics Over St. George Its religious representation is combined by different metrics of beliefs around the world, including Brazil. He is believed to have been a Roman soldier who lived between 280 and 303 of the modern era and was born in what is now Turkey. He was assassinated on April 23, 303, for refusing to renounce his religion, Christianity, amid persecution ordered by the Roman emperor Diocletian.

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The main story of the adoption, known as the St. George’s Cross, is that it was used by King Henry II at the beginning of England’s Crusades in the 12th century. In the thirteenth century, the same cross was used to identify English soldiers at the Battle of Evesham.

as well as, Along with King Edward III, St. George became a prominent figure in England, Who attributed his military victory to the country and called him the patron saint of the Order of the 14th century. Since then the cross has been more widely used and used as a royal sea level in the sixteenth century. Since 1606, the emblem has been embedded in the cross of St. Andrew and the flag of the United Kingdom has been hoisted.

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England a Nation Of the UK. It is located on the island of Great Britain, the largest island on the European continent, with its capital city being London. That is where the Industrial Revolution began, in the eighteenth century, when the country is now considered the economic and economic center of the United Kingdom, with a strong economy based primarily on the tertiary sector, banking and financial services. .

84% of the total UK population lives in England, Which equates to 56.5 million inhabitants. The country is rich in culture with a wide heritage in various fields of art such as plastic arts, literature and music and is the birthplace of great personalities of international renown.

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Although the country has adequate infrastructure and a good standard of living for its population, it does include its cultural options, England has the highest cost of living in the UK.

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Interesting facts about England

  • It is the largest country in the UK by area and population. It is the headquarters of the British monarchy.

  • England and the United Kingdom officially leave the European Union in 2020. The exit movement became known as Brexit.

  • The country has physical ties with France through the Eurotunnel, an undersea tunnel that runs through the English Channel.

  • Football is a sport of English descent.

  • Per capita tea consumption by the British is higher than anywhere else in the world, but has declined in recent years.

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