Five great things to come out of Ireland in the last century

Ireland is a small nation, but even so, it has had a remarkable global influence. However, not everyone is aware of just how much influence this ancient country has had. Below, you will find details of five great things to come out of Ireland in the last century:

The Brooklyn Bridge

When the Brooklyn Bridge was made, much of the workforce was comprised of Irish immigrants. The construction of one of the world’s most famous bridges really owes some of its debt to the Irish. Those who made their way thousands of miles across the sea were happy to help New York stand out. After all, the city that never sleeps gave a lot of people a home, as it continues to do today.


Most people have heard of the alcoholic drink Guinness. This drink is one of Ireland’s greatest exports. Did you know that if you have a low iron count, your doctor may recommend you drink Guinness? Just one glass of the black drink a day can help. However, there are other ways to top up your iron levels. This one is just more fun.

Annual sales of Guinness are usually in excess of 850m litres. This phenomenal amount isn’t matched by many drinks out there. The inventor of this drink knew that it was so good he signed a 9,000-year lease on his brewery in 1759. Ok, so this drink is a little older than a century, but it was Ireland’s favourite drink back in 2015.

Many people still help themselves to a Guinness every now and then. Whether they’re in a pub watching a match, at home placing a bet on one of the many new online casinos or with friends celebrating something special.

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Over the last century, the makers of Guinness have introduced non-alcoholic Guinness. This alcohol-free version is ideal for those who love the taste but don’t want the alcohol. While this version doesn’t sell as well as the original, it’s good to know there are more varieties available.


The year was 1994, and the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Dublin. That year, something extraordinary happened. The world was introduced to the phenomenon known as Riverdance. An interval performance certainly wowed anyone and everyone watching the Eurovision Song Contest. Full of dance and Irish music, the audience gave the act a standing ovation.

One month after the legendary performance, the audio recording found itself at the top of the charts. Just one year later, the show sold out all 150+ shows. This was a box office record and shows that the world was ready for something new.

These days, Riverdance is still incredibly popular. Everyone seems to know just how exciting and thrilling it is and it’s Ireland we have to thank.

The Fairytale of New York

During the 1980s, two people got together and wrote what would become a classic festive song. Sung by The Pogues, ‘Fairytale of New York’ was is one of the most-played Christmas songs around.

Incredibly, this song never made it to number one in the charts. This is surprising as it’s often at the top of the lists of people’s favourite festive songs. You can usually find ‘Fairytale of New York’ featured in Christmas complications whether they’re on MP3, CD or another format.

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Chances are, you’ve heard this song play many times. What you might not have known is that it is of Irish origin. The luck of the Irish strikes again.


You do not have to be a huge fan of popular music to know that U2 is one of Ireland’s greatest exports. However, they are also one of the world’s biggest selling bands. Their music has been a part of many people’s lives. Bono and his band mates know just how to write and sing a song that’s loved by many. Their world tours often sell out, which just goes to show that they are capable of creating some classic songs.

While many people were unhappy about being given a free copy of their album on MP3 in 2014, there were some who were ecstatic. After all, their favourite band was being promoted around the globe.

Ireland has had some very successful exports in recent years. From people who helped to make the Brooklyn Bridge to Riverdance, and some of the world’s best known songs, Ireland has worked its magic. It’s safe to say that the emerald isle will continue to export many things that both delight and entertain us. Only time will tell what the next big thing to come out of Ireland will be.

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