Fish X-burger? The fisherman shows a strange creature found in the sea

Fish X-burger?  The fisherman shows a strange creature found in the sea

Anyone who visited the social networks of Roman Fedorzov, a 39-year-old Russian fisherman living in Murmansk, could already see the curiously shaped sea creatures, but he could not even imagine finding a deep fish that looked like a fast food snack. Food.

In early November, Fedortsov shared a picture of a fish that soon became known as the “Fish X-Burger”. Netizens also gave other nicknames: ninja turtle, chicken sandwich.

The so-called abyssal creatures represent strange fish that have very special characteristics and are different from what we see. There are many other deep species, including crustaceans, jellyfish and starfish. ‘Ex-burger fish’, especially a species not recognized by fishermen.

Fedortsov fishes mostly in Norway, the Barents (northern Russia) and the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike many of his followers, he does not think that creatures are ugly.

“All kinds of fish are beautiful in their own way. I can not say they are ‘scary’ or ‘ugly’. People are very interested in unusual sea creatures,” he told the Daily Mail.

See other Russian-recorded curious creatures, including what he calls the “cap crab”:

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