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First test tube baby done in local cow in Pune – Marathi News | The test tube baby of a native cow was performed for the first time in Pune

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Pune : Test tube baby experiment for the first time at the level of agricultural universities was also implemented in Pune to speed up the breeding of native cows. This Holstein Friesian cow is of the high yielding Sahiwal breed called Kalwadi.

Mahatma Phule Agricultural University Pune Native here the cow In the research center the experiment of IVF i.e. test tube baby of indigenous cows was conducted. A Holstein Friesian cow gave birth to a healthy Sahiwal calf at the center on Friday. Kalavadi’s birth weight is 27 kg. Last month, the Holstein Friesian cow gave birth to Kalvadi, a Geer breed, at the same centre.

Sahiwal, Rativarach Research
There are 50 native cows in the country. Among them five breeds namely Sahiwal, Gir, Rati, Lal Sindhi and Tharparkar are reared for milk. The Sahiwal breed can give at least 14 to 16 liters of milk twice a day. Rati is a breed from Rajasthan that can give good milk in Marathwada and Vidarbha. Therefore research on these two species is going on at this centre.

Such is the experiment
This technique costs the farmers 20 to 22 thousand. For that Rahuri Technical assistance will be provided by the University of Agriculture.
n It has about a 50 percent success rate when used in first calving cows. In fat cows, this ratio is 30 to 35 percent.

The Gir breed produces good milk only in certain environments. Sahiwal breed gives better milk production with less fodder and less disease. That is why this experiment was conducted for the conservation of this species. This will help the dairy farmers of the state to get cows of local pedigree with good milk yield in local environment.
– Dr. Somnath Mane, Chief, Desi the cow Revision & Training Centre

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This technology is a ray of hope in the face of dwindling indigenous cow populations. It is very important to extend this technology to the farmers.
– Dr. Prashant Kumar Patil, Vice Chancellor, Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, Rahuri

Web Title: The test tube baby of a native cow was performed for the first time in Pune

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