First Secondary students complain about the difficulties of Chemistry Exam .. and Education: In accordance with specifications

طلاب أولى ثانوى يشكون من صعوبة امتحان الكيمياء.. والتعليم: مطابق للمواصفات

First class students complained General Secondary Some of them confirmed that there were impossible questions in the exam, that the difficulty of the chemistry exam in the first semester, that there were problems and errors in the words in the question paper, explained that the questions were more than the students’ ability, and that they had not been trained in such questions in the new assessment before. Responsibility for setting up Four Examinations and Educational Evaluation Questions.

The students said that the examination was conducted in accordance with the specifications of the examination paper prescribed by the National Center for Examinations and Educational Evaluation and the technical committees complied with the technical standards of the questions. ‘The reason for the complaints is that they rely on private lessons as the only source of learning and information gathering.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education has decided to cancel the electronic examinations for grades one and two in the first semester if all the examinations are conducted on paper. Students.

The Minister of Education has said that there will be no change in the examination dates for basic school subjects which started on Saturday, January 22. Tarek Shoki informed.

The Minister of Education and Technical Education revealed that the main objective of the General Secondary Examinations is to determine the awareness of the students about the learning outcomes and to identify the quality of the new assessment questions.

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