First Netanyahu but he needs Yamina

First Netanyahu but he needs Yamina

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Liquid confirms himself to be a major political force in Israel’s early elections, but the group supporting Prime Minister Nazareth has a majority only with the support of Naphtali Bennett’s far – right Yamina party. According to exit polls released by Channel 11, Likud will win 31 seats and Netanyahu 54 seats. In order to cross the 60s and gain a majority in the Knesset, Yamina needs 7 seats, and a party close to immigrants who is not sure she wants to support Netanyahu can, under certain circumstances, go the other way.

Although there are small differences in the allocation of seats to parties, even exit polls released by Channel 12 and Channel 13 agree that the pro-Netanyahu group can only win a majority in parliament with Yamina’s support.

“I will only do good for the state of Israel,” Bennett said without revealing whether he would join the Netanyahu-led coalition.

Meanwhile, the Israeli leader declared victory in the election. “A great victory for the right wing and for Likud under my leadership,” Netanyahu wrote on Twitter, adding that his party was the largest in Israel. “It is clear that the vast majority of Israeli citizens are right-wingers and want a strong, sustainable right-wing government that will safeguard Israel’s economy and security,” Netanyahu added.

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