First Historic Medal: European Champions Belgium at Ultimate Indoor (Video)

First Historic Medal: European Champions Belgium at Ultimate Indoor (Video)

While the FIFA World Cup monopolizes Qatar’s attention, Belgium excels in an emerging sport: Ultimate.

Officially recognized by ADEPS since September 1 this year, this sport is spreading like wildfire in our country and the results are already there.

From Sunday 11th December, Belgium are the Champions of Europe’s Indoor Ultimate. “This is a three-day championship“, explains Benjamin Swartz, one of the team’s players. There were 16 countries in the men’s category, and Belgium had to face the best team.

After dominating Austria (17-5) and Slovakia (17-8) with ease, our national team will have its first real test in the third group match against Lithuania. “Along with Latvia, Lithuania is one of the two most powerful countries. We were under pressureBelgium won 17-13 and topped the group.

An hour ago a final

Poland was easily eliminated in the quarter-finals (17-5). But Latvia is waiting for our Belgium in the semi-finals. A qualifier “d‘Anthology“.”The final was hours away and the pressure was palpable“, Remembering the Resident of Mont-Saint-Guibert.”It was incredibly intense and each team made very few mistakes.

As time expires, the scoreboard reads 15-15. The rule is clear: the team that scores first wins the match. It is Belgium who can reach the final by making the score 16 in their favour. “The celebration against Latvia was even stronger than when they won the league“, says the European champion.

“We got scared”

Belgium will challenge Finland in the crucial match. A team was considered inferior, but it gave our team a cold sweat. “We underestimated them“Benjamin agrees.”We took the game seriously but we were scared. We dominated but we were never confident about our lead.”

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In the end, Belgium won 17-14 and won the first international title in this discipline. The win was all the more symbolic as it was the first indoor Euro organized by an international federation.

Objective Euro Outdoor

On the strength of the continental title, Belgium will head into the European Outdoor Championships full of confidence and ambition. It will be held in Ireland next July.

Outdoors, that isis more complicated“Enraging Benjamin.”England are favorites to win the gold. We hope for at least one podium“, he then reveals.

The outdoor ultimate differs from the indoor one in the number of players on the field (7 players per team instead of the indoor 5) and the field is much larger. “Indoors, we play on a futsal pitch, outside we play, we play on a football pitch, but a bit narrower. 35 meters instead of 50, but we are 7, not 11 like in football“, explains the 29-year-old player.

There is still a long way to go to defend Ireland’s national colors, but one thing is certain: on D-Day, the Belgians will be ready.

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