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First Dates: 60-year-old Meryl recalls the heartbreak of losing her husband

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Viewers fall in love with Meryl and Andrew on a first date (Picture: Channel 4)

The first date viewers were unable to fall in love with the 60-year-old Meryl after being reminded of the heartbreak of losing her husband.

Meryl, from Viral, has been unmarried for 11 years, and turned to the Channel 4 show to find love again – after meeting 60-year-old Andrew, she seems to have it.

Before his date, Marin explained to the camera that he was looking for a ‘tuby’ man who was ‘bald’.

Despite insulting Andrew during the meal and saying it was like pudding, the couple seemed to be climbing like a burning house.

Talking about their lives and previous relationships, Meryl told Andrew how she lost her husband Tom.

‘I saw Tom, he died 13 years ago,’ she began.

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He said he was going five directions, and then I got a phone call saying “Tom is not feeling well”.

Afterwards, poor Meryl Tom spoke to the camera and explained how he had suffered a heart attack and died tragically.

As she held her tears, Meryl recalled how she lay with him after he died.

Andrew talks about how he feels lonely (Picture: Channel 4)

She added: ‘I leave him, he’s cold, I hate that he’s cold, I need to go back and get another hug. He was just special.

Looking back on social media after the date of Meryl and Andrew, viewers fell in love with the couple without being able to help.

One viewer tweeted: ‘It’s not bad that Meryl and Andrew are going on a second date in 2020. They deserve the world for that couple. ‘

Another said: ‘I need an update about Meryl and Andrew right now.’

Someone added: ‘I hope Meryl and Andrew get angry !!’

The first dates will return on Channel 4 next Thursday at 10pm.

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