Finnish president says Putin is no longer interested in changing the Ukrainian government

Finnish president says Putin is no longer interested in changing the Ukrainian government
Putin told the president that he did not intend to interfere in the Ukrainian government. Photo: Pete Marovich / Pool / EPA

Finnish President Saul Ninisto says Putin does not want to change the Ukrainian government. The statement was made in an interview with CNN on Monday (14).

Ninisto is one of the Russian President’s spokesmen. He met with Russia’s chief executive last week to discuss ways to maintain diplomatic relations between the country and the West.

In an interview, the Finnish president said, “Putin has his list, we all know that.” “But changing the government in Ukraine does not seem to be on the list,” he said.

When asked about Putin’s intentions to establish a pro – Russian government in Kiev, he replied: “When I asked him, ‘Did you abandon that demand?’ He said very clearly:” I never had. “, Relatou Ninisto.

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The Finnish president has denied which country will join NATO

Ninisto was one of the only presidents to hold talks with the Russian president in recent days. In the country, a survey conducted by the Tolstoykimus Institute showed that 60% of the Finnish population is in favor of joining NATO.

Despite the apparent number, the Finnish government has reaffirmed that it does not intend to join the organization. Russia recently said that Finland and Sweden would suffer “serious political and military repercussions” if they joined the agreement.

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