Finland boss Marku Kanerva wants Ireland to take revenge after Dublin’s defeat to Finns in Nations League

Finland boss Marku Kanerva wants Ireland to take revenge after Dublin's defeat to Finns in Nations League

Finland boss Marku Canerva has warned his players that Ireland will retaliate today.

Last year, Finns claimed their first win against Ireland in their sixth attempt in more than 71 years.


Finland boss Marku KanervaAttribution: Sports file

After that, the Nordic nation lost to Poland in a friendly – defeating Bulgaria in the League of Nations.

“We had a great result against Bulgaria,” Kanerva said. In our opinion we played well but it was a disappointing defeat in Poland.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“But we know we have a tough opponent. We were definitely able to get a win in Dublin, so they want revenge.

Playing with confidence

“They played well against Wales and would like to have their first win in the Nations League, but we are a very confident team.”

After the youngster rejoins the team, Team Pucci will face Norwich City team member Adam Ide.

Puki wants to find his scoring boot after handling just one of the last 22 shootings for the club and the country since January.

He said: “Our task as strikers is to score, and I’m disappointed if the goals are not achieved.

Keep going

There are opportunities in every game except the match against Wales. They were supposed to go inside last fall.

“It simply came to our notice then. Otherwise, the games went very well, but the goals were lost.

“But the most important thing is that the team performs well. We started this group very well and got a good result for Ireland. We want to continue that.”

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Ahead of Sunday’s Old Fame match, Rangers star Glenn Camara will play against Shane Duffy twice in four days.

He added that life at Ibrox has prepared itself for the current busy international schedule.

He said: “I’m ready, I’m feeling better, I’m started playing a lot of games in the last year or two.

“I hope I can play for the national team as I do for the Rangers. Last time we got a good result and we hope it will be the same again. ”

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