Finistre Atlantic: the first crews are expected on Thursday, (…)

Finistre Atlantic: the first crews are expected on Thursday, (...)

In the Finistre Atlantique – Challenge ACTION ENFANCE the days pass and consistency prevails in the two boats which, if not identical, do not allow them to proceed almost equally in all conditions and at all speeds. On this Tuesday afternoon, Maxi Edmond de Rothschild and Banque Populaire are still within a handful of miles. “Our little friends from Gitana are not far away. The Match Race version of the fight in the middle of the Atlantic continues to grow stronger,” confirms Armel Le Clack this Tuesday afternoon. Aboard the Bank Popular, last night, a right turn signal was put in to roll off Santa Maria Island. He then proceeded to the southwest tip of the Iberian Peninsula at Port Tac in a northeasterly wind of about twelve knots.

April is real the ultimate
the ultimate
#Ultimate #multihull
3, Tuesday afternoon at 1:56 p.m. Action Enfans completed the rounding of the Iorres Gate – twelve hours after the leader Maxi Edmond de Rothschild -, and the entire fleet is now progressing on the return route to Concarneau. This could be the last straight line. But as announced right from the start, the race continues now is definitely dizzying and it takes a completely different turn on day four. “After sailing the beautiful seas, sailors will gradually experience increasingly uncomfortable conditions. Very unstable winds in strength and direction, driven by high pressure southwest of Ireland and stormy low pressure south of Spain, conditions will intensify towards Cape Finisterre,” explains Pascal Scaviner of MTO Consult for his part.

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Fun on prs?

So up to the finish, more up, always up. However, on board crew pushing the limits of flight, running nonetheless can produce a climb that is helpful over and over again for beautiful and clear accelerations. “These boats can now travel up to 30 knots at windward speeds. They bear little weight and rest on sea grass that allows them to take off very quickly. This afternoon, we can see that they are already progressing at an average of 25 knots in four hours, which means that a peak of 30 cannot be ruled out. As part of this crewed race, they adjust the settings very well and they make the most of these 48 hours of high-wind racing and fly the boats very far,” analyzes race director Gildas Morven.

Words that find a wide echo in the line of ships, as depicted by Thomas Rouxel on the Sodebo ship. the ultimate
the ultimate
#Ultimate #multihull
3. “We discover many things in settings. It’s about matching the new foils we installed this winter. With these new additions, we can get off early. a allows us to better navigate transitions. We hope to make use of it on the climb to Brittany. It’s great fun and we’re making progress every day,” said helmsman-trimmer Thomas Coville, who was engaged this morning and found the upwind to be “comfortable”. Evidence, if anything, that these sea gloves are probably not done revolutionizing sailing.

Looking for good edges on the northern route

In this case, it is not surprising that the crew favored a northern route very early, such as the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, which started its first tack at about 4 p.m. “Given the storm and heavy seas expected tomorrow Wednesday near Cape Finisterre, mariners should opt for a less risky northern route from Tuesday in more manageable conditions,” explains the forecaster from Mto Consult.

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Edge of the original Ultimate 3, the game
Open on the return route to the finish. “Our goal is to maintain our path as much as possible and find the right compromise with the various options that take us into more or less strong winds. The discussion will take place at this level: know how far to occupy the next days that await us between Santa Maria and Concarnove. We have the advantage of having a boat that works well in the wind. We will try to find the right edges without positioning ourselves in relation to our smaller comrades,” declared Yves Le Blevec. Flight boarding or sensational tackling? One thing is certain, a new episode of the competition starts today, 48 hours from the first arrival calculated from 4pm on Thursday… L-haut Concarneau.

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