Finds Ireland in the name of sustainability

Alla scoperta dell’Irlanda nel segno della sostenibilità

Rome (Italpress) – The island of Ireland offers many opportunities to spend an exciting vacation, while at the same time showing kindness to the earth and wanting to get lost in nature, you want to go or visit natural beaches and mountains. A big city.
As with the commitment to protect one of the most beautiful regions of the world from the scenic scenery, sustainable travel is becoming more and more popular in the land of the “forty shades of green” and enjoying its wonder responsibly.
For those planning a trip, the best way to make sure you are limiting the impact of Irish nature is to try to explore lesser known places in the country, as well as consider the high season. Priority is given to sustainable travel and to many destinations that emphasize eco-friendliness and eco-friendly accommodation. Once you reach your destination, it is a good idea to look for locally available food and green activities such as hiking, cycling, surfing, swimming, sailing and more.
Sustainable initiatives such as saying no to plastic, reducing pollution, conserving water, and “leave no traces” are all part of the current tourist climate on the island of Ireland, one of the country’s leading companies, with a focus on tourism sustainability. The Buran Ecotourism Network encourages people to treat waste responsibly while visiting the famous Cliff of Mohair and UNESCO’s Burren Geopark, one of the best eco – centers on the Wild Atlantic route.
Named the Lonely Planet Best Community Tourism Project 2021, the network has also launched the “This is a Protected Area – Bring Your Garbage” campaign, one of several environmental initiatives aimed at protecting the beautiful environment of the western part of Ireland. It is free from waste.
Carbon-conscious travelers who intend to enjoy the beauty of these places can rely on facilities such as the False Hotel and Spa in County Clare with the goal of preserving it: thanks to numerous initiatives for waste reduction and innovative use. Energy, in fact, has earned Green Hospitality the status of “carbon neutral” from Ireland, the guarantee factor for starting a journey without leaving a “footprint”.
Many other locations across the country offer excellent sustainable accommodation, and can be booked as ‘The Bedroom in a Meadow’ at the Nair Valley Eco Camp in County Waterford. Luxury Salt House in County Antrim or Magnificent Break House in County Donegal.
One way to make sure you are friends with the Irish environment is to seek out realities related to sustainable tourism, such as Wagabond Tours, which specializes in creating suggestions for small groups: the Ring of Kerry, a series of ancient castles and islands. The hit track for responsible and unavoidable Irish experiences is just a few ideas to choose from from what they have developed.
Special, private and sustainable holidays with a focus on trekking and hiking are also available, linked to responsible and eco-friendly accommodation for Northern Ireland, for example, by an operator such as Inside Trek.
Once you become aware of the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, you will find a new way to appreciate the island of Ireland and a more relaxed return home, enjoying more contact with the earth.

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