Find the word “QUARTZ” – teach me about science

Find the word "QUARTZ" - teach me about science

Do you think you’re smart enough to find the hidden word in this visual challenge? Prove it!

The main purpose of Riddles Visuals keep the brain active and improve certain skills like attention, memory, perception and reasoning. In this post we present a complex riddle, which is one of the most difficult that you can find on the web. Although the clues are very simple, the moment of pressure comes when the available seconds are used up.

This visual challenge only takes a few minutes to complete so this puzzle is for people of all ages who want to maintain a healthy mind and citizens who don’t have much time to clear their head and stress. It should be noted that this challenge was prepared by the team at Great Master.

You must use all of your visual skills during this challenge, so make sure you are in a comfortable, well-lit area, free of distractions that could affect your performance. Look carefully at each row and column because the difference is only one letter.

What is this visual puzzle about?

The following illustration shows us a red sheet, with the word “fourth” your task is to find the hidden word, for which you have only 6 seconds on the clock. Does it sound easy? The tricky part is checking each word. Start your search and avoid failure!

Find the word “quartz” before 6 seconds

Photo: Great Master

Do you need a hint?

If you need help, you can use the following hint, on the other hand, if you have already found the hidden word in the spreadsheet, keep reading because it will show you later if you are correct.

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Look in the last column

Now yes, you already have a clear path to success, search once more.

Can you find the hidden word?

If the answer is yes, then it remains only to confirm that you are correct.

Photo: Great Master

Share science, share knowledge.

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